November 4 2008 (Tuesday) Spaun Madrid @ La Boite

Damo Suzuki with Thee Belvis Underground: Chema (Guitar), Edu (Guitar), Manolo (Synths), Mario (Drums) and Meta (Bass)

Nic is half American and half Spanish young guy aged 22 and organizer of this first ever performance in Spain’s gorgeous capitol. He reminds me a bit of my oldest son Martin. During travel you can find someone similar to one you know, not just from looks how they react or personality smell..character..

Early tomorrow morning European time is election of US president. Naturally politic theme was on our conversation. I didn’t came to Madrid for so long time since end of 70`s. Almost 30 years!!! So, this is first appearance as sound carrier in this city.

Nic contacted me while ago if I come to Spain next I have to contact him, he said. I was happy to perform for first time in Madrid. Spain is not only land of flamenco and Heavy Metal. We went erectly late lunch at Tapas bar. Tapas is not just tapas, place to place so different. This is really good thing. Best tapas I ate was Christian ,Tomas and Elke in Barcelona.

It was amazing we ordered many dishes and time went so quick by talking, also first time I ate Kangaroo meat was that place. After kitchen closed female chief cam to us introduced herself. It was amazing night. “The venue..”, told me Nic.. is most successful gay bar in Europe after 2, 3 am. I look around, yes, it’s looks like he said and agree.

Madrid has one of the greatest museum in the world..Prado Museum (Museo del Prado), last time I came here I couldn’t get into museum for construction, also this time not..haven’t got enough time. But, One day I will. I will..

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