November 5 2008 (Wednesday) Spain Zaragoza @ Arrebato

Damo Suzuki with Cristian (Guitar), Libi (Bass) and Pablo (Drums)

Zaragoza is 4th biggest city in Spain and an industry city. Compare with other cities where I’ve been on this trip, in the city you cannot find any old typical Spanish buildings, so feeling like I’m just somewhere else but, not in Spain.

Train ride from Madrid took only just one and half hour, arrived Zaragoza railway station which is much looks like airport. Some designed mosaic stone on wall. Two sound carriers picked me up from there and brought me to Pablo’s place to relax. We have enough time. The venue is shared by artists and bands, every parts pay same amount money monthly to keep this venue run. Pablo and his band has one or two special days in month to arrange performances of his band or their interesting artists. So, he put me for today’s program. This is quite good idea, to have space with some amounts of people who has closer thoughts, and let it go. With world wide financial crises, local organization has no budget to support art and culture.

So, this kind of silence movement is good for now and might be good too in future. The band members do many thing like, sell ticket at front, bar and after the performance cleaning. Pablo was happy that much people showed up has never been here at this venue.

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