November 7th 2008 (Friday) Spain Getaria @ GAZTETXE DE GETARIA

Damo Suzuki with Arra Akauzazte (Drums), Mikel Etxegaray (Drums), Joseba Irazoki (Guitar) and Iban Urizar (Trumpet, Electronics)  

I had enough time wake from long deep ocean dream,had comfortable breakfast with sound carriers. On Thursday I don’t have performance today is just transit day. So, everything is very comfortable. Easy thing. I can enjoy much with time. I’ve never been in San Sebastian, famous place for international film festival. I had to stop over here to meet up Jon who brings me to Getaria, is not that far from San Sebastian and he is organizer of concert in Getaria.

I took bus from Zaragoza, it’s very comfortable journey, bus drives between mountains and unknown villages. It was around three hours of bus ride. I waited for Jon quite a long at bus terminal, San Sebastian. eating unhealthy fried chicken with old man with white mustard as trade mark, which I bought at stop over at one bus stop.

After while young Basque appear and introduced himself told me we have two hours, his friend will pick up us to Getraia, he told me even we can go there with public transportation, but I said I like to see a bit of San Sebastian before I hide myself in small village. He wants to show me pier and old parts of the city. This is kind of place people go for bath and seems to be good economic rules through tourism quite similar atmosphere like Brighton, if you’re Britain you understand what I mean. The day is getting dark, his friends pick up us from the middle of the city. Any 15 minutes drive on ocean road. Such a wonderful view. I remembered of New Zealand, In Dunedin, I had such a trip like this. Very nice to drive on ocean road even it’s not the best season to be here. No, might be better this time of the year, no tourists!!!

I stay in this small fisher village with around 7,000 populations for two nights. Jon booked guest room just in front of fisher harbor at middle on hill. Seems to be nobody else is here, so friendly hotel owner gave me house key. Nice sight from here. The village is so quiet, off course this time of the year, no tourists. You can hear endless looping of waves, winds breath and sea gulls.

Next day, we took a walk on the small mountain which stands very curiously beside harbor. It does take 15 minutes to get top where you can see panorama, unfortunately a bit rain and wind. To arrive the venue you have to take stair steps as this village is placed at stomach of mountain. Even there is elevator (outside). The venue is at the middle of apartment houses, a kind of culture center of the village. Next day I went to Bilbao, stayed at the promoter Jon (an another Jon)`s house.

It was quite complicated back to Cologne. Bilbao to Palma de Mallorca .wait there for 5 hours then Palma to Cologne. I packed already for Japan tour before Iberia tour as I just came back home for few hours change suitcase and fly to Japan.. Its tomorrow!!!!

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