November 10 2008 (Monday) Japan Tokyo @ Morgana

1st Set: Damo Suzuki with Varunk Love (Fretless) and Masahito Nozaki (Drums)

2nd Set: Damo Suzuki with Hiroshi Higo (Bass), Katusei Koh (Guitar), Hideo Ohnishi (Drums) and Mitushide Tatusmi (Tp)

I came back to my home Cologne on November 8th at 22:45, Next day I took flight at 10:55 from Cologne via Amsterdam to Tokyo. I really had not much time (Imagine time for check in 2 hours before, Airport departure…all these inclusive!!!) It was really good idea pack suits case for this Japan trip before Iberia trip. I almost didn´t sleep anyway.

Normally I visit Japan after Australia since 5 years. As I don´t go to Japan next year, so I´d decide to tour Japan at this period which is not tourism season at all and in Germany the call this month “Death Month”, something sad, much fogs and wet, getting cold uncomfortable month. This time none of my friends had time to pick me up from Narita airport also I had enough time for appointment with Love-san, my friend sound carrier base player of Varunk at Tachikawa. In Airplane Amsterdam – Tokyo I met two nice girls, a Japanese Yuko and Neriya, from Baltic who married with Japanese and speaks cute Japanese. We were speaking and drinking wine half way until suddenly each of us kept own mouth shut, head down as natural sleeping came like thief….or sun in Africa…fall in deep suddenly.

Anyway stewardess don´t want to give us any more wine…..We´re drunk and nasty. Narita airport has many restaurants and also for every taste. Yuko went directly to home after she promised me to come to my performance. Neriya has a bit time to go back to Chiba, where she has home with Japanese business man husband who is working at this stage. So, we both went to eat Sushi..and I ordered naturally “Uhronhai” (Japanese rise snaps + Uhron tea mix) and from stomach I felt I am now in Japan. Neriya went home. I had enough time to departure at 14:50 by airport limousine bus to Tachikawa, where is US military base, busy and too many people like middle of Tokyo. Quite seldom that bus arrived destination around 15 minutes earlier.

Love-san appeared without his car…hum..he is thinking to go to drink after the show. Japan is very hard with penalty if you found by police at driving with alcohol. You have to pay extreme high penalty, also passenger in that car have to pay great amount of penalty too, also pub or restaurant who served this fire water to customer going to lose their license.

Monday night at Kokubunji is not that good idea to perform as this city is relative far from the center Tokyo, audience come from only around this area.

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