November 14 2008, Friday Japan, Fukuoka @ Decadent Deluxe

Damo Suzuki with Chikara (Sax), Hideji (Handsonic Percussion), Mizuma (Drums), Onoda (Bass), Rokugenkin (Guitar), Satobong (Guitar) and Yui (Bass, Drums, Vocal)

The day before yesterday, I visited cousin Tomoko in outside Yokohama, a quiet place, after particularly hour there is none, no dog on the street. We talked much about her father (my uncle).

Late afternoon I arrived Fukuoka from Haneda airport found one of business Hotel. Every one in blue suits, but not me.(in blue jeans) Sometime the thing happen which you never ever expected. I had been performing in different situations, but I’d never performed with a pregnant on drums. Her baby is expected in December..So she is in 8th months. Some sound carriers were talk to me, it might happen tonight. Strong Japanese Lady!!! (In middle of December I received mail from BB, her husband and sound carrier, they got healthy female baby…Congratulations!!!)

Fukuoka is biggest city on southern Japan island Kyusyu. And this place is famous for „Hakata Ramen (Just to inform those who doesn’t know anything about Japanese food or for those who can not recognise different between Japanese or Chinese…whatsoever….. Ramen is Chinese noodle soup in Japanese style.) …Ramen is very popular in Japan, kind of Japanese fast food…but, its better. This noodle soup culture captured all over Japan, since long history taste of Ramen has been changed to Japanese taste and you can not put out this yummy food from Japanese food culture. Also nowadays you can find a lots of Ramen restaurant even in China or Korea. Every time I come here I try this. Much location in Japan has special local Ramen. (Just to inform you about Tempura, this is also not Japan origin. Know-how imported from Portugal, as they were first western foreigner on Japanese ground, words in Portuguese, temporas is witness of its origin.

In Fukuoka, I have a supporter of this project and sound carrier, Rokugenkin. Whenever I come this area he join me and gave me his hands. Naturally he joins tonight. The venue is miniature copy of Gaudis. It’s quite nice space, they have 3 floors in 6 floor building..So they can arrange small festival. There are few bands perform before us (Us? Still I don’t know who will perform with me, they’re not all here yet in this late afternoon.).

I was happy to see Akutagawa, who organized the show in March this year at Kumamoto, an another part of Kyusyu. He is a vocalist and guitarist of local band Ishiatamazizo. There were many young bands like last time. So, when we started it was quite late.

I was at merchandising table between floors. Speak with some people, drinking Uhron-Hai (Sake snaps and Uhron tea mix, my favorite drink in Japan) having pretty nice time. After the show I was accompanied by some sound carriers, went nearby to Ramen restaurant like last time.

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