November 15 2008, Saturday Japan Tokyo @ UFO Club

Damo Suzuki with Ghost: Masaki Batoh (Guitar etc.), Michio Kurihara (Guitar), Takuyuki Moriya (Bass), Kazuo Ogino (Keyboards etc.), Taishi Takizawa (Sax, Flute etc.) and Junzo Tateiwa (Drums, Percussions)

From Fukuoka directly to….UFO Club in Tokyo Tokyo is huge and there are many different parts like other huge cities have….but, strangely I perform mainly on Cyuousen-line (Central Line) area…West Tokyo.

I’m not living here, seems to be West Tokyo has kind of an alternative scene, which my kind of music fits here. West Tokyo is kind of my base when I perform in Japan. I know lots of people and sound carriers. I’ve performing quite often here at UFO Club this time will be twice I didn’t see Batoh for quite a while….

Performance tonight with Ghost, old friend sound carrier Batohs band…I performed with them a couple of times, with Batoh a bit more. Both shows tonight and tomorrow were arranged by Batoh, leader, vocalist and guitarist of that Ghost. They are similar to some other Japanese band, they are quite well known in foreign countries, but not really in Japan. There are not that much cities you can perform this kind of music on islands with 100 million inhabitants

Two guys of mini communication paper was there to interview me at sound check, but we made an another appointment few days later. Yuko and Neriya, I met in airplane to Tokyo came to the show. Nice to see them again. Its always nice to have new friends during travel. It’s pretty difficult to make communication with neighborhood now a days in airplane with furniture TV monitor and headphone..or maybe self carried laptop and DVD. Anyway good thing they liked the performance as they’re stranger in this kind of music.

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  1. I was the American that chatted with you after the show. About 5 years later I booked Batoh at my gallery for his BPM experiment. I enjoyed talking to him about seeing him with you in Japan.

    1. Hey John!
      Nice to hear from you after many years. I’ll tour US in this Spring time excluding West Coast States that may done in Harvest. I’m looking forward to it. I mean, after 12 years in US!
      In 12 years many things have been changed. It’s good I still able for touring and getting new experiences.
      We may see us again in this Spring.

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