November 16 2008, Sunday Japan Tokyo @ UFO Club

Damo Suzuki with Helena Espvall (Cello,Vocal), Keiji Haino (Guitar,Vocal), Seiichi Yamamoto (Guitar) and Tatsuya Yoshida (Drums)

Normally I don’t come late for an appointment. First I tell you that Chyuou-line is famous for suicide..I’m sure the company is not proud about this….Get out from Takazous place at same time like yesterday and planed to arrive at the venue at the same time, changed the train at Tachikawa then the train doesn’t start and I heard an announcement, there was accident on this line and I have to take other possibility. My origin is Japanese but, if you don’t know local traffic system, it’s not that easy to get right line. My friend sound carrier Cal, a Canadian lives in Tokyo for eleven years told me with his sweet Japanese, every 6 minutes someone is trying suicide in Japan. Especially mammoth city like Tokyo. Many people come from local, isolated from social…loneliness, frustration in company social, stress in (probably) biggest city in the world. What made him suicide? In fact if you are on platform waiting with really too many people, train come near, possibility is that you try to jump into coming train without any thought. Reality and Illusion lives tight together, when you lose control…… all this situation hypnotize some sort of people. It may not’s something else maybe. My thought this moment is get the answer why people have to suicide…Anyway I’m getting too late which I hate.

When I arrived the venue..Sure (Japanese people are well known as exactly) all sound carriers are there sound checking hardly. Sound Carriers of today are curate by Batoh and Japanese parts of sound carriers are well known in Japanese music scene and also abroad as you can see…Haino, Yamamoto and Yoshida…I don’t have to introduce. And female sound carrier in Network (always nice to have female in the formation),…Helen, lives on Philadelphia, originally from Sweden. Well, I tried some loosing-knowledge of Svenska.

UFO club has often foreigner guests, after the show I spoken with the guy from US and his Japanese girlfriend, they promised me they will come to next show in Shinokubo, much closer to them.

Visual :

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