November 1 2008 (Saturday) Portugal Lisbon @ Galeria Ze dos Bois

Damo Suzuki with Loosers: Rui Dâmaso, Zé Miguel and Tiago Miranda

Lisbon is a beautiful city with much atmosphere. Maybe this is so the venue placed at really interesting parts of the city, old one way street and they are very narrow. Many venues I performed is nothing to do with interesting historical area. As traveling sound carrier, mostly you spend the time at the venue and surroundings. So, that why whenever I come here Lisbon is beautiful city and has own charm. And one and only, special place..well for example like Venice. Standing on corner of those narrow street with stone blocks on . Watch at right, watch at left ..very interesting view and I really love this sort of old street structure.

Sergio, young friendly handsome guy picked me up from train station. Porto-Lisbon by train, sometimes trail was just beside sea, river. When I take train, I use restaurant. it’s kind of my ritual or habit. also I’m too lazy to shopping , carry some foods. You know, I’m quite bored with eating sandwiches, like to eat warm foods. Even they warm with microwave (which I avoid generally) I ordered lunch menu. I didn’t reserve, so seems to be there is no place, so I had to get lunch standing at bar.

Train is quite new and clean. Portugal had changed socially and economically. Once Portugal was one of most poor country in Western Europe. But, look all infrastructure, they arranged for European Soccer Championship 2004. Many things get modern and attractive without disturbing, harmony with old building. At the venue, I met the guy who ran this venue. Now, Sergio is organizing this interesting venue with gallery on 3rd and 4th floor. Every time I come here they are changing something and always getting better.

Formation of Loosers are drums, and (mainly 2 basses), with this formation Sergio wanted to hear instant composing. The venue have rooms for guest artist which is big enough just few Steps to the venue, an old building which has atmosphere and nice to be in. Positive energy. As usually in Southern Europe so dose Portugal., show start so late. S

ound check also was long. After sound check we (Loosers, Sergio and sound crew went out for dinner. Saturday night..a couple of restaurant, we went was occupied. no place and we have to wait long time. The restaurant we had finally get was just nice place. No tourist place, all guests seem to be domestic people. Best thing you can eat in Portugal is Fish and this is very amazing.

The night was long and loud on street. I heard that this area of Lisbon, pubs have to close at 2AM instead 4AM by new law. But, I heard loud singing, talking. Still many people on narrow street at that time and also later. This is the city with own character, let people drink until morning, let people sing songs of young and health. Anyway I have to sleep, I am traveler I have to wake up at already at 8AM to get ready for next Step…

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