May 8 2008 (Thursday) London @ Bardens Boudoir

Damo Suzuki with Agaskodo Teliverek: Miki Kemecsi (Guitar), Tomi Szabo (Guitar), Pharoah S. Russell (Drums) and Man From Uranus : Phil Baerwalde (Moog, Sampler, Theremin)

Arrived last night, Gerald and Sylke come back from their holiday in Germany, so we had appointment to meet at Stansted Airport. They waited for me about half hour. Crouch End, they’re living is kind of village…I mean London is kind of united village city and you can find many different spots…This might be one of charm of this metropolis. On the Broadway there is Fish shop just few steps from their house. An another shop I go when I come here is organic shop round the corner front of clock tower, get vegetable and tofu, etc…

I cooked fish for Lunch, we have enough time, just relax and went to the venue. This venue I perform for 2nd time. New York’s Skeletons I met in Coventry few days before showed up, they will support tonight. And my set with Agaskodo Teliverek and Man From Uranus they going to join. I have enough time to hang around. Mostly outside on the street with many other people. Small bottle of tequila in hand.

Met a female English teacher who is getting my E-Report regularly. She said my English is all right and enjoying to read EMail. At same moment opening artist starts. Hami, sound carrier from next London show two weeks later came with flyer of forthcoming show with me. Also he is interesting what will happen.  Akiko Matsuura…a crazy young Japanese girl from Osaka lives in London, she has solo project this night, singing, drumming,, etc….with her energy.

I feel tonight a bit different audience than last time I performed here. Agaskodo Teliverek is a Hungarian band based in London. This is first time (I guess) I perform with Hungarian sound carriers. Later joined by Skeleton guys. After show we were invited by Akikos which is just few steps from the venue. Her small place with many people…she cooked me noodle for hungry father…..She wanted me to be her father….

Here is view from the show

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