May 9 2008 (Friday) Germany Knittlingen @ Cellarium

Damo Suzuki with The Whole: Member (Bass, Electronics), Stolle (Guitar, Electronics) and Christian Wolf (Drums, Electronics)

Kosmik Klaus is the guy who make fantastic Light Show…a couple of years before I worked together with him in Wurzburg. This time He invited me to South Germany…exactly…Knittlingen..its near to Karlsruhe and Stuttgart. He and his pal Andreas picked me up from Stuttgart airport.

Early morning flight, I had to leave Gerald and Sylkes at short past four AM riding bus to get first train to Stansted. Unfortunately, bus didn’t move as engine was broken. Had to wait for next bus. When I arrived was early enough…but, already passengers making long line. Nice to be in this part of Germany. Baden Wurttemberg. Here you can eat best in Germany. People speak here with accent..when female speaks kind of cute….something charm to me..Maybe because I had been spend a month at this area long time ago when I survived from hard day cancer operation. Also here is warmest part of Germany. Specially Freiburg area is very warm.

And this part of Germany, you can find many traditional farm, Restaurant, houses. This part of Germany houses were not bombed at WW2 ..this is very comfortable and richest part of Germany. Its my favorite area in Germany if you visit Germany, remember!!!! Klaus and Andreas brought me to hotel then I can sleep for some hours… The Whole is trio from Frankfurt, today I perform with them for 3rd time. They’re easy and we don’t have to discuss anything…this is how instant composing should have to be.

The venue is old wine cellar, fantastic ambient. Elke came a bit later by her car brought merchandise. Audience is rather older generation and some of them came from quite far distance. I found Jurgen from Frankfurt and Horst from Wurzburg as well. Jurgen is sweet he booked room in same Hotel like us. He went home early in the morning.

Way back home we visit one of those world heritage Monastery Maulbronn which is oldest of this sort at north of Alps from middle ages. Now a days there are many world heritage stuff…guess some 800 all over the world. It might be not bad as many people are visiting all these places and good for local economy….But, I feel like too much places now.

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