May 23 2008 (Friday) UK London @ The Inn on the Green

Damo Suzuki with The Lunar Dunes: Ian Blackaby (Bass), Adam Blake (Guitar), Saul Eisenberg (Percussion), Hami (Drums) Krupa Pattni (Synth, Vocal) and Larry Whelan (Keyboards, Saxophone)

Took early flight, next day Back to home. Cologne London is such near, depend on flight and weather, it takes between 45 minutes to 55 minutes. It’s much near than fly to Berlin on air kilometers. This is reason why London is the city in Europe I perform mostly. And not bad place for my kind of music. Now a days there are many cheap flight as well in all over Europe. Sometimes no charge, just pay airport tax. Lay down on sofa at Gerald and Sylkes at Crouch End for few hours. Seldom to perform West London, people here are different from East and North London. Today’s special is my friend Gerald do DJ.

I saw attractive girl walking down the street from the balcony of the venue (the venue has a pub) and after I found she is sound carrier too. Opening band is something very special, they’re boys between 13 17 years old and they brought some girl fans, they’re around 12-14 years old. What kind of music they play? … can try to answer three times…. But, I’m sure you never find right answer. They don’t cover any of those young age heroes. Instead they performed experimental music…can you imagine? At that age? Sweet thing is that they asked me how I think about their music in interview manor with recording after their performance. They were happy to hear my opinion about their music. I have opportunity to experience such situation with could-be-possible grandson generation.

The Lunar Dunes perform regularly in this venue or somewhere around west London. Hami visited me at an another London performance two weeks before just for short time. He contacted me a couple of months before that they were willing to perform with me. So, there were positive energies.

London is international city..but, public transportation in late night is not that good for huge city like this. There is night bus, but it takes long time slalom through city and as foreigner its quite complicated. But, still better than Tokyo. In Tokyo, last train is something like 11:30PM or even earlier depend on where you go. There is no public transportation even there are many pubs, night clubs open and thousands of drunken zombies wandering…….

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