July 26 2008 (Thursday) Austria Innsbruck

Damo Suzuki with The Lahn: Members of Ichy and the Killers, Shortyhands, Tod des Trompeters and Viitaly Tschernobyl and the Meltdowns

What Damo Suzuki is doing around 2 months without performance? He is smallest production in the world. Organizing concerts, booking flight and some office work. He has no manager, so he should do everything alone. He is manager and road manager…a girl for everything.. He was planning to get better with Italian language and almost to visit lingual school in Italy.. Some weeks ago, he got an offer from architect named Maurizio, asked if he has interest to come to Innsbruck for two days. One day just kind of warming up meeting and 2nd day performance at very special place. At this period I had enough time as I mentioned….also my girlfriend has vacation, so we decided for short trip through Austria by car before we get Innsbruck…a week trip. I have been in this country for a couple of times. Elke had never been here. So, this is good occasion, for me to know more deep and for her exciting first visit here.

Our trip begun from Linz, a kind of culture capital beside Graz in Austria. They are European cultural capital of this year. The city is world wide well known for Ars Electronica Festival, a visual art festival and also composer Anton Bruckner born here near. We reached Linz in the night, try to visit pub/restaurant called Josef, I was there for two or three times. They have amazing toilet..(I guess I reported it last year) They make their own beer….three or four different assortments. Also, they have nice kitchen (Unfortunately kitchen was closed during summer time..they had only buffet. So we didn’t stay there, instead we went for walk around to see some interesting spot.) But, we are not able to find good restaurant that night and tired from drive around 700 of kilometers.

So, we found place at garden of not tasty restaurant. Next day we went amazing museum Lentos, the house changes color time to time during the day as this is completely covered by half reflex mirror outside. They had exhibition of Austrian painter Oskar Kokoschka, is energy tanked man he had bad fortune, but he had enough power to win against all of those solution.. Elke was so interested on his life in interview manor through headphone. He has amazing life, so she bought prompt his biography book. We were really happy to know this amazing artist, his arts and life. Also near the museum, there is energy shop just opposite street. We bought small tool box which make water and air clean within 60 diameter. Believe or not, it works.

Next step is Wien, one of cultural and historically very interesting city in Europe. On the way we saw huge perfect rainbow one end to other end clearly you can see…. even it was double rainbows ..one rainbow over one rainbow…I had never seen this sort of rainbow before . A Nature theater. Visit friend Matthias, a sound man. …We didn’t have dinner yet, so but, we found not really good food ..it was kind of American junk food bar restaurant as it was already too late and were outside of Wien…, had to have something in stomach you know, quite savage thought…next day we found an amazing small restaurant which made us really happy that we could forget bad food late last night, in middle of the city.

Wien is Wien..very special city, very rich in culture. We walked in city centre and we found this small restaurant which is quite old and had atmosphere, What they had on menu was really for gourmet and generally in Austria, foods are not that expensive and it has good quality. This is one of things, I really like this Alps republic. Good quality and for every pocket something. Also we visited museum, exhibition of Bad Taste Art”;..it was like name of exhibition..nothing was really innovative. Actually we planned to go to Salzburg next, but we went to Steiermark, South Austria, famous for good food and well known amazing pumpkin oil. It was really good idea to be in Steiermark, landscapes are so green and proud mountains. Before, I love to live in seaside, but since a couple of days to live in mountain side is not bad…there are beautiful indigo colored lakes. They have energy.

Day is getting dark, so we found in Sankt Georgen, very tiny spot a Hotel Restaurant by accident which was if I had right tips in lottery. Fantastic cuisine and huge rooms for not fat pocket money. Amazing!! If you travel by car this kind of spontaneous experience is fun. To find something which is not big marked in tourist guide book. You can find amazing spot by yourself…own experience to tell. Good foods and beautiful landscapes, I have to remember what is reason we come to this land….Yes!!!! don’t forget to PERFORM!!!

We visit spontaneously Salzburg, Mozart city, really attractive spot…but, rush with tourist over tourist… Some decade ago, I came to Innsbruck for winter sport while I was young like fresh fish. But, I had never been here in summertime. We had appointment to meet Maurizio on his architect office at 4PM. Without any handicap we arrived exactly at 4PM, this was really exactly that Peter, the guy who often attend us during our stay here, was wondering how we manage it exactly in place to come. Architect office was just beside railway, Maurizio, Verena, Peter and other people well come us with tea and snacks.

After joined by Lissie who is a girl from Tirol you can imagine, brought me flower she picked up on her path to mountain side. Also the guy named Martin lent us whole his apartment for next three days. Lissie and Verena bought us foods. First day, for sightseeing and at the evening session with local band in club. Once here in Tirol, should have to go to mountain..this was next days program. Verena bought us three days ticket for tourist. There is well organized cable cars to Hafelekar which is 2,330m from sea level. Its perfect place for ski. Dreaming winter time in summer. An amazing panorama from there, not only to see Innsbruck city, mountains are so near and wild views. Amazing view point. Mountain train and Cable Car, we arrived, so Lissie sung Tiroler folk songs songs and we salute with snaps…

Some of mountain top were still rest of snow, so Verena, Peter and Lissie did summer snowing, just with normal shoe without ski. The venue was under the roundabout, open space middle of junction, is round space, a couple of bands performed before me, but unfortunately constant rain kept people away…but, space was fantastic place…one and only stuff.

Tirol is also nice place to eat, we had good menu with people together. Next day, we met for breakfast, but it was already around 1PM, we were planed to back home through Romantic Street and stay one night on the road. Fantastic mountain view in Tirol is over and cross the border to Germany. Southern Germany is beautiful too. Were too late to find Hotel on the way, so we continued driving went to home even it was some 700KM…….

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