August 6 2008 (Wednesday) Norway Oslo @ Blå

Damo Suzuki with Anthony Barratt, Einar, Per Gisle, Leon Muraglia, Emil Nikolaisen and Raymond

I have good friend named Leon, I know him since 10 years. He was the one organized my first performance since around 30 years in London at the end part of last century. Since then I know him, also arranging Kosmische  events. He changed his living sphere from London to Oslo.

He invited me to come around a month before.. Elke had never been in Norway even she has her very best friend…a Norwegian lady. This offer is a part of huge festival, but we perform in the venue, same venue as I performed two years before with Skull Defects, a Swedish band from Gothenburg. We decide to stay in Oslo for five days instead just perform and go back home. Norway is most rich country beside Switzerland, living standard is so high also things are so expensive…socialism orientated society…..still…bad side of medal is here you can find most junkies in the world…sure this is parted from population in percentage.

Many Norwegian people believes Norway is most beautiful country in this world. Proud. In fact there are so beautiful spots all over this land…all in pure nature, some parts are really lonesome. Fjords are amazing. very Norwegian and one of most beautiful landscapes in nature. Leon and Rob picked us up from Airport ..was already after 11PM, when we arrived at Leons (We are going to stay here) girlfriend Guro was there preparing food. Leon and Rob are members of Radio 9 will support us tomorrow, even Leon will perform with us…..I know him for long around 10 years, this will be first time I hear his live, even first time I perform with him.

Unfortunately Guro cannot come to our performance as she, is a journalist, has to travel to Spitzbergen (Hu…very interesting place , far north and isolated from the world….I don’t know what there is like..but, interesting space..for sure) We drunk until early morning, conversations had long legs. Like last time….I had enough time for sound check to performance. Where Blå placed is former factory ground. There are some spaces for artists and bands. Beside the venue small river runs and this makes countryside atmosphere. The city is in heat with young music lovers from all Europe. We stayed very cool metropolis for another three days.

Took boat for Fjord tour, so small islands..some of them only one house in small island. Water is very silence and everything seems to be very peaceful. Feel people living here must be happy. Edward Munch Museum was so closer to Leons. A couple of years before, I was at exhibition of same painter in Melbourne, since then I found his painting amazing. So, was nice to come to his city even I found Melbourne exhibition was much more interesting as they had paintings of his different period.

If you take a walk, you may find anything which is interesting…like a small bottle bar…Bar selling only small bottled alcohol. We found cool restaurant, Det Gamle Raadhus which was build as city hall in 1641. Furniture inside is 17th century style and foods they served was fantastic. It’s not cheap, I mean Norway is very very expensive everywhere, so just forget about it. Even they are a Michelin Restaurant. We went to touristy area at port to eat at very beginning of Oslo days, As usual touristy place is not really a good place to eat. But, quality in Norway is really good. Look, just tap water!!!! Oslo has most clear tasty tab water in this world. This is real socialism, they have it FOR EVERYBODY.

Rob and Leon are tuff, all nights, we stayed with them, they went out until morning grown…

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