August 15th 2008 (Friday) Belgium Antwerp @ Sched’apen

Damo Suzuki with IH8 Camera: Karel De Backer (Drums), Elko Blijweert (Bass), Teuk Henri (Guitar), Aarich Jespers (Drums, Percussion), Thomas Noppe (Guitar) and Geert Waegeman (Violin, Theremin)

Antwerp is the cultural metropolis in Belgium. A couple of years ago I visited for first time during my short holiday as spontaneously I’ve got idea to go for culinary tour in Belgium. Belgium kitchen is very well known. Flanders is one of most important gourmet temples in Europe. At that time I was a little wondered why I never performed here before in such cultural rich city. The guy named Elko suddenly contacted me to perform in Heaven Hotel Festival, his label festival even I’m not belonging.

They found it will be interesting to perform with me and selection of sound carriers from label’s different bands. Thomas, the guitarist picks me up from beautiful railway station. Here speak Dutch which is quite similar to German, so I could understand what he was saying. After while he brought me to my hotel, was at harbor. It’s cabin in ship. Small room ..but, everything is inside, wash place, shower, toilet..window is round, sea eagles are playing out there. Relaxing for while, Thomas showed up again and brought me to the venue, placed at a bit outside of city center, stood alone in industrial area, former custom house surrounded by garden with trees. An artist build small house on tree, I don’t know who made this, but sure that he must be a perfect dreamer as it’s so fits together in this garden. Children are very curious (I’d say I was too) what is inside and climbing on steps.

This venue has two places for performing, I and Belgium sound carriers are going to perform in garden where you can find stage. After sound check all casts are sitting together inside with long table for dinner. When our performing starts, it was a bit cool and wet outside..but, nice to be out. There are an another stage inside.

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