May 6 2017 (Saturday) Augsburg, Germany @ Ballonfabrik

Damo Suzuki with Die Okraschoten : Eric Zwang-Eriksson (Drums), Daniel Layer(Sythesizer/Keys), Valentin Metzger (Trompete) André Möbius (Bass), Alexander Möckl (Gitarre) and Shapoor Shiravani (Percussion)

Augsburg is one of three oldest cities in Germany that is more than 2,000 years old beside Trier and Neuss. Augsburg is also a part of Romantic Road, once the city was booming town at middle ages, a centre handling city.

André is like Horst, a sound carrier, contacted me before I got sick in 2014. He is patient enough waited me for today, waited me to get healthy and able to perform, also I received some warm mails during that time. Finally we see us together and perform together, yeah!. Strangely, I don’t know why I have tight relationship to bass player than other music instruments player, concert offer often comes from them, contact mails come often from them and continuing friendship mainly with bass player. I guess, probably, bass player is kind of a carpet at space keeping band together, not a ego types.

Special for today he arranges the band named Die Okraschoten, you may hear it from somewhere, ha? From mistake one can learn, to avoid hassles like last night, we went to hotel that is middle of old town, first for check-in. We find good parking as well, so we took taxi to the venue. Ballonfabrik is at industrial area, relative far from city centre, so not a bit of Middle Age Booming town. Our friends Rainer and Christoph from St.Gallen, Switzerland well come us there. They’re visiting me in hospital few months ago. Sound carriers were all there even already set up. Wait for a while, tonight will be rock based show as I felt at sound check. André’s wife cooked us, we’re together at the room beside concert hall.

Quite good amount of audience, there’s opening band, that made heat, but not fits before our performance. Supporting band brought some of their fans, is not really found of instant music, I felt. Still concert went well, Rainer and Christoph were so happy to see me on the stage, they know I had hard time last 3 and half year.

Here is review from a sound carrier (in German)

A bunch of young people invited me for smoke after the show, in speech, they didn’t believe me I’m almost three times older than them……..

Next day ….. This is example of not always sunny side of life with performance. I’d never problem with musically part of performance. But, I cannot influence good amount of audience come to visit Network performance. As far as there’s promoter arrange the show, I don’t like them to loose money. Always good to be win-win situation… Promoter, sound carriers and audience, all is happy after the show this wish many concert as possible.

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