May 5 2017 (Friday) Würzburg, Germany @ Cafe Cairo

(Festival : The lucid dreams of Dr. Sardonicus Damo Suzuki with Peter Bingham (Guitar), Glenda Pescado (Bass), Horst Porkert (Synths) and Lee Relfe (Sax)

Würzburg is start point of „the Romantic Road“ one of Germany’s touristy attraction that finishes at Neuschwanstein Castle, you may know the fake from Disney world. On Romantic Road you may pass many interesting middle ages towns like Rothenburg, Nordlingen, etc…. Back to middle ages.

Horst, my friend sound carrier is the organiser of this small festival, doing this for years. Now he cooperated with Cardigan, Wales, he was there he explained me, so my sound carrier tonight is also members of West Walsh band Sendelica, so I know some faces from few years ago when I performed in Cardigan. This short German trip one thing is similar. Local promoter join as a sound carrier. This happens quite often and why not? Horst is proud about getting visitor from other countries like UK and Sweden. I also met a guy who bought my merchandising, he is from Luxemburg. This is familiar festival, so many visitors comes every year, many are getting friends, so from this atmosphere nice to perform here. A everybody knows everybody festival.

As usually for festival sound check is just before the performance, so we arrived here early enough. An Italian lady did an interview with me during full of break time. At late night we had trouble, as we didn’t check in at hotel, so someone else took our key and we don’t have our reserved room, it was late around 2 o’clock, middle of silence night. Night porter checked and checked find no solution for a while. Must we sleep dining room of the hotel? Around 3:00 am we’ve got solution that we would stay at a double bed room which is not in use. This is naturally reason we slept long that we missed breakfast. First then have to do is get something to eat OFF COURSE! Time is closer to noon, so without breakfast get reasonable lunch. But, to get lunch is too much, so some snacks as spare breakfast? One of my habits is walk around to find interesting place to eat, even hungry situation I can do this, because I don’t like to mess the day start with bad food. I don’t care about information in internet or I don’t like to ask people for tasty restaurant, it’s non sense, peoples taste is that much different, also you cannot ask people you don’t know, you don’t know his/her taste and what usually they’re eating. Internet restaurant guide? I’m sure one of you may be witness of restaurant point manipulation. So, better walk around find interesting place, smells of something interesting, also inner architecture and looks of service personal. Let’s have time and enjoy…..

Würzburg is not only spot for Romantic Road, they have wine hills even behind railway station you may see one of them. They have good quality white wine, it’s so unique bottled in flat round bottle that you never see anywhere in the world, it’s their copy right no one allowed to use this style of bottle. Also you may find some gourmet restaurant here, a traditional local food, as finally we found, not far from problem Hotel not key was problem, we’ve got a room on 4th floor without elevator, it’s incredible service in middle of touristy city. Poor Elke had to carry suits cases with a little help from night porter as you know I’m handicapped, my Doctor don’t allow me to carry heavy duty.

Well, back to the restaurant, it’s huge restaurant, I don’t know how many guests may find seats, and probably it may around thousands? Weather was good we took ourselves in garden seats, and finally satisfies our empty stomach. Anyway we’ll back this restaurant next time as we ordered small dish, next time course menu! Few days before Luca (Julie’s Haircut from Reggio Emilia) mailed me that they’re going to perform at this festival due to cancelation of another band as spare. But, they perform the day after our performance, fortunately they performed as first band of the day, after small lunch went back to Cairo say hi to them. We perform few times together, even they visited me at home in Cologne, a year before that time I was much sick and looked older, they motivated me at that time. We stayed there until end of 2nd piece, then drove next stop Augsburg.

Live documentation of this show :

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