May 7 2017 (Sunday) Karlsruhe, Germany @ JUBEZ

Damo Suzuki with CPU² , Rüdiger Blank (Keyb), Ray Buckmiller (Electronics , Keyb), Didi Foth (Sax ) and Erik (Drums)

Karlsruhe is part of famous Black Forest and warmest city in Germany. It’s Sunday, said Chris when we had first contact for this performance, therefore we may start earlier, what about to start late afternoon? Around 16:00? Yes, sure many people like to have relax on Sunday as next day back to normal everyday. Ok, Chris it may not bad to perform different time like usual. After all, once I performed early in the morning around 7:00 am, yes, 7:00am.

It was many years ago in Melbourne at part of long weekend techno party, a DJ contacted me the day before, What you’re doing? Do you have interest to perform with DJ on Sunday, at 7:00am? 7:00am? I wasn’t sue that I hear it real. Yes, 7:00am. Yes, I’ve done early early morning performance. Few years before I performed here, a quite reasonable amount of people came, so we’re expected amount of audience at least like last time.

To see what going on even we started to a bit later to perform, still few people came, this was absolutely minus in account concert. As performer, honestly I say, it’s quite disappointing and it’s difficult to get motivation before the show. In fact, it’s not easy to perform in front of few people, you can see huge empty space from the stage. it’s easy to perform in front of huge audience like festivals with thousands of people. Basis motivation is totally difference. But, let’s think this is opportunity try my self, just any kind of situation I solve, and most important is that audience enjoyed our show.

This day was rainy day, there was some event on the street and another part of the city, but where is people? Everyday is fine, also even the day like this, I have to live with this…..just I’m not familiar to somebody losing money….promoter. Now a days very difficult to get people for concert expect parties. Chris was saying. Day like this happens, so just leave it.

After the show I spoke with one from audience, he asked me, when I come here again. I find no words to make answer or I was happy to hear his word he enjoyed the show and he likes to have more of it? Break for 2 days, next trip I bring you to UK and Ireland. Never Ending Tour still continues……

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