May 10 2017 (Wednesday) London, UK @ Moth Club

Damo Suzuki with Tom Furse (Synth), Oliver Henri (Guitar), Kenichi iwasa (Synth, Percussion), Fay Milton (Drum), Susumu Mukai (Bass) and Leo Taylor (Drum)

Sound check begun very relaxed mood, not complete sound carriers were there. It’s OK I have enough time and drink beer, if you make spontaneous music, time flow is also improvising. Tonight, the instant band is curate by Kenichi, founder of Krautrock Karaoke, a kind of session event based on Krautrock in London. Kind of secret tip if you don’t know. Kenichi arranged percussion orientated instant band for tonight. Members are actually almost member of Krautrock Karaoke. E-da means when Kenichi arrange party always visited by large amount of cute girls in audience and it’s true even I’m grand father to them, nice to see all those young girls (Sorry, ladies!) from different nation, my audience generally is young in London. I feel I’m one of them, 40 years time slip, they’re around 20 years old. By the way my youngest son is mid- 20.

Opening band was all those sound carriers curate by Kenichi Just without Damo Suzuki. They’ve done so good job that already at this moment very “hot” in the space, you stand very tight to next like caned anchovies. So, tight even impossible to shake, move and dance. I was hearing to them from green room (back stage) up stairs, on the wall hanging picture of Winston Churchill. I thought, It won’t be wrong if they continue playing, I won’t perform tonight. They’re heating the space and so grooving. Kenichi said I come on the stage whenever I like. The opening band seems to be never stop. I preferred to separate to two set, so they stopped. 2nd set I joined them, still heating seems to never get cool down. Sound carriers on the stage are hungry to play so as audience for never ending rhythms. An excellent evening. Copacabana in London East.

After the show, as I promised with Luca to meet up for his Birthday, E-da, Daisy (E-da’s partner with their project Adrena Adrena, Kenich and I went to Turkish restaurant (my recommendation as I didn’t like to go to other area with my condition) to join Luca and some his friends. Luca had show with his band Julie’s Haircut same day at same area.

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