May 12 2017 (Friday) Bristol, UK @ The Exchange

Damo Suzuki Harry Furniss (Trumpet), Paul Allen (Guitar), Helen Papaioannou (Saxophone), Aonghus Reidy (Keys), Gareth Turner (Bass) and Jesse Webb (Drums)

Some of sound carriers, I performed already few years ago. Baritone Sax player is a female sound carrier. I performed with any kind of sax, still perform with Baritone is very first time. E-da says female in the band makes much attractive. It’s true, I performed many times with females, oh yes! Next Leeds shows few days later is all female formation, I guess this is first time with all female formation. Between sound check and show time, in green room upstairs, I’d interview with Alastair, a 20 years old young man from University of Bristol’s online TV station (UBTV) for which he make film live showcases and interviews. Generally these are used to promote Bristol artists.

Part one of interview :

Part two :

Every time I released from hospital, my habit and taste is getting change, it’s true. Before first time I released from hospital I was a pesco-vegetarians, didn’t eat any meat. But after begin to eat meat except pork. ( I cannot say it really as I love good sausages in Germany. Believe me sausage is not pork, ha,ha…I cannot just forget taste of Krakow sausage! Never!)

Suddenly I wanted to eat Schnitzel one day in hospital. 2nd release I begun to taste coffee even I never had for 40 years (!!!). I’m writing this report in the morning attend by canned beer, before last release I was much wine taster, I didn’t show interest in drinking beer for many years, can you imagine? Anyway weather today is fantastic, allow me to drink beer even the day is so young.

Review for Bristol show :

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