May 13 2017 (Saturday) Brighton, UK @ West Hill Hall

Damo Suzuki with ZOFFF : Chris Anderson(Bass), Richard Gorbutt(Giant Homemade modular Synth), Bic Hayes(Guitar),Alistair Strachan(Korg, Effects, Cornet) and Damo Waters(Drums)

Most probably Brighton is most performed place for me in UK after London. So, I know some place to go. We arrived early enough to the venue that I’d never performed before. It’s kind of village hall. Whenever I have performance in Brighton, Chris, sound carrier friend for many years, asks me if he has chance to play. This time he has that opportunity.

I’m getting mails from sound carrier willing musician or we-are-going-to-studio-do-you-like–to-join-us? sort of inquiry quite often in my mailbox. I’m thankful and I apologize all those never had chance to perform together. There’s always next time. Sound in this kind of space is quite different when it’s empty. Sound carriers checked sound with rocky stuff, on the performance it went different. I knew some people here, also a guy that willing to attend me for this tour showed up. He was almost 100% fixed to help me by drive car around. Unfortunately he met traffic accident few weeks before, he informed me he couldn’t do his service. So, I had to find alternative quickly. Nice to see him quite healthy standing in front of me.

After sound check I and E-da went to Japanese restaurant. You know, you have special taste in your mouth and cannot stand to eat, it’s MUST, then, you can’t stop it. Better just do it, no alternative. But, sometimes this is letdown as this moment you’re walking on narrow street that has only one goal, you’re a blind for another thing. Result was easy as just I imagined and I won’t recommend this place to anyone. I wanted to eat Unadon (grilled eel with sauce on rice) which gives me much stamina, but first thing is very tasty (even now watering in mouth). Surely it’s poorest thing in the world to expect taste like in Japan. Probably it came from freezer just put a bit hand on it (just heat) and serve. It’s boring like if Italian restaurant open canned ravioli heat it and serve, you know. With proudly price. And more surprise, they charged green tea at price of 2GBP, can you imagine? Tea! Tea is one of most expensive thing you can imagine if you take coffee/restaurant .You just need hot water and serve, charge 3 euro onward at place I’m living. In Japan or good Japanese restaurant abroad, tea is service, no charge. Anyway I cannot claim this place as name of the restaurant was as far as I understand, translated in English like “don’t take responsibility” So, it’s our fault to come here they’re telling already truth. It was better choice to go to Fish Restaurant on last visit in Brighton. You know, once you’re sick for long time you have some wishes you were missing……this time it was “Unadon”

Review :

Next morning, E-da drive me to Howe for breakfast. Howe is fusion city with Brighton. Brighton & Hove is right name. (By the way, congratulations for enter EPL, this season!) Howe is not touristy like Brighton. Therefore stress free. E-da brought me to café that was amazing and relaxing. They have many sort of exotic coffee, from Botswana, Ethiopia… Enjoying people go by in lazy late Sunday morning. In the afternoon I had visitor from London with interesting offer.

This is an another story, I may inform you later….

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