May 16 2017 (Tuesday) Dundee, UK @ Beat Generation Live

Damo Suzuki with with Stephen Griffin (Guitar), Harry Hamer (Drums) and (Bass)

From Brighton to Dundee is around 800 kms, longest stretch on this tour, we decided to make one day break to Dundee. Yesterday, we started around 8:00 am, drive no fixed destination, long drive as we can, without any stress. Actually we planned to start at 6:00am to avoid rush hour around London.

As for my condition is not well balanced, we started bit later. Since I released from hospital 40 days before, my habit for breakfast is changed also instead take Soba, Udon, Ramen, Spaghetti, any kind of pasta, I prefer more to French/Italian breakfast, coffee and chocolate croissant sort of light breakfast. I had this morning before start near to E-da’s apartment. Road situation was good, met no traffic jam. Rest place on motorway is quit boring, one after another, all same pictures, with all those chain food/drink company. No local food or anything, all tasting nothing like bite blank paper. Choice is not huge for my taste, we took Katsu-Curry like forced to take this not from free opinion, there’s no alternative. When there is two Japanese together, very often to come theme “food” and continue this theme for endless. More than talk about “girls”, we may be over our fresh time already? So, where we go for dinner..?

It’s on level of Newcastle upon Tyne, beside North Sea, there must be some fish restaurant and after we may find accommodation for tonight. Checking in net during landscapes are flying by. I found interesting Restaurant in place called Tynemouth. Let’s go to restaurant in Tynemouth! and find hotel there! If you find goal everything is easy thing, free from small problem. We reached the goal, but unfortunately…full of people, without reservation not possible, even it was on Monday. We didn’t like to have stress to find alternative in another town, also time is already after 20:00, kitchen may close soon. Anyway I try to catch this restaurant when I’m near by in future. We found an alternative at same town…an Indian restaurant, I ‘d been long time not in Indian restaurant. I think, in England safety decision is Indian, Jamaican and Turkish. To eat Indian wasn’t bad idea, we both enjoyed the food. It was more than good amount that I couldn’t finish all. So as my habit for breakfast has been change after release from hospital. I start to drink beer again, before I enjoyed much wine. Now, I’m drinking domestic beer, even I forgot taste of beer. I used to drink much beer almost 30 years ago. I ordered beer, surely I’ve got full stomach. Like my wine days, I try at first local beer, anyway popular beer is BORING, you can drink everywhere in the world and taste bad, it’s just popular, they spend much money on advertising.

After dinner, we checked web and found free hotel room in Whitley Bay. The hotel must be newly renovated, everywhere smells of strong fresh paints. It’s OK….we can live with this. It was already short before midnight. Next morning we walked along ocean view street. Strangely many buildings like a large hotel and some shops are all empty, may be it’s on sale. From Whitely Bay we took country road, It’s better, we have plenty time. View on country road was beautiful, short before enter Scotland. Now landscape is getting different, more space, peaceful, drive through village after village. I like this more than driving on motorway, much relaxed, free and you really enjoy the time. There’s always interesting things to see. Drive on motorway is focusing goal and like business trip, you never see beautiful country side. Let’s have a rest, drink beer, weather is just good for it. Even it was before noon, enjoy sunshine drink outside beer before enter Scotland. Landscape is changing to hill, rocks, mountain somehow looks masculine. Long before, I performed in Aberdeen for few times, Edinburgh to Aberdeen is nice stretch to take train, left side golf places, right side North Sea. I passed many times Dundee, just I saw from train window. Now, first time I’m standing here, finally. Malika is young lady lived in London before. She arranged me a show, now she is studying in Dundee, she offered me to arrange show here. Thanks Malika.

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