Wednesday, May 17 2017 UK, Leeds @ Wharf Chambers

Damo Suzuki with Claire Adams (Bass), Katharine Eira Brown (Drums), Kathyrn Gray (Guitar), Hilary Knott (Keys, Synth) and Theresa Wrigley (Drums)

I may be performed already with all girls formation, but I cannot remember, may be I didn’t, it’s doesn’t matter actually. E-da omitted service as sound carrier as he won’t to disturb or just like to hear girls playing. A bit sound check, girls are wondering “How to finish final.” I said “No worries, it will come somehow. I’m not sure if they accept my words, I just hope it. Sometimes sound carrier ask me before the show if I get nerves. I never get nerves, more, I’m happy to have this opportunity to perform and share energy. This happiness won’t make me nerves at all.

After sound check we brought our luggage to hostel just few step, round the corner, on the way we found Persian restaurant, it didn’t take much time to try this place as none of us ever had Persian food before. It wasn’t bad choice anyway. Hostel was small and actually space for backpackers, no toilet shower in the room, have to share with another guests, but still good thing is just few steps to venue, especially today things go wrong, it’s good for my condition to have space so near.

Back to the venue, Michelle was preparing, setting up camera for an interview upstairs that is instant green room (= dressing room). I felt afterword, so sorry to her that I had no much power, I may not friendly to her. At this point, I took medicine that I wasn’t able to take this morning. Michelle is making film “Energy” , a document film of my illness days and after, she is shooting since two years. She is living quite near from Leeds. I slept on sofa in green room few minutes, when I opened my eyes appeared face of Dave, a old friend, placed beside me. I know Dave since my first show in Leeds, more than 10 years. “Hey, you arranged BBC for interview?” He made this kind of wits with his poker face.

Sound carrier girls were so happy after the show, they did so well, so they feel good, audience feel good, promoter feel good, so what we want more……

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