Friday, May 19 2017 UK, Manchester @ the White Hotel

Damo Suzuki with Daniel Broomhall (Organ, Electronica, the sound of UFO’s landing on summer grass in 2099), Charlotte Cartwright (Keyboard), Brian Christinzio (Keyboard), Aziz Ibrahim (Guitar), Lois MacDonald (Guitar, Keyboards), MONKEY (Drums), Robbie Rush (Guitar), Ben Ryles (Bass) and E-da (Percussion)

Flash back from 80’s Punk period.

The venue like this was common at that time. Using ruin like old factory as the venue. Sound check start delay pretty long, some of sound carriers didn’t appear at this time. This comes quite often, some works and some come from another district, so I just stay patience, drink beer bite potato chips. Generally I keep fester time of appointment, if I’m too early, I would do something else, if I’m good motivated I would use my ipad, write down some idea, story…there’s always anything to do. It’s just depend on motivation and daily condition. If this space is a bit warmer, I feel better. Anyway what I wanted to tell is I go any appointment much earlier, some time you may have experience special thing, the time and space is just enough, if this situation is in the city, you may window shopping or just walk around, find second hand book shop and you can do something that you don’t do normal daily life. If I see an attracting figure in show window, I may get one. Mainly this kind of time, I may buy thing which is not necessary to have, and this decorate my small space, I may remember where I was if I see them. Yes, souvenir for myself. I’ve interest in figures, they’re placed proudly on my glass rack.

Sound at sound check at the performance were totally different, empty broken empty unattractive space changes, make up to attractive space when audience is filled up. It’s like small festival with 4 opening/supporting bands. That mean I have to be there earliest and leave there latest. One of the band was young German band on tour. Hotel was quite near, but what an I do in Hotel, just hanging around here, people are getting organized and arranging the venue. The space is totally filled up, also outside on the street is good amount of people enjoying even uncomfortable weather bit wet and cold, anyhow. I know, English people are tough. As usually I communicate with people after the show, I tell you, especially two young ladies were cute. They’re 22 and 23 years old, invite me when I stand at merchandising, after my performance, one of them asked me if I like to smoke with them. This kind of invitation I never deny, also if you’re travelling talk with locals is one of nicest thing. I follow them outside like if I’m their dog. Still good amount of people outside, don’t go to home, sleepless people, after while, came to talk how young is audience here. „I’m sure I’m oldest one here“ I said. Prompt one of them said „Maybe you’re oldest one, but coolest one.“ This made me a day, you know so I have to write down here, it may better with fat spell. Michelle came here with her friend film maker Tracey, shoot her film here as well, also she made interview with E-da. She said interview with E-da was good.

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