Saturday, May 20 2017 UK, Glasgow @ Stereo

Damo Suzuki with Rob Alexander (Drums), Suzy Rodden (Synth), Iain-Findlay-Walsh (Guitar, Bass), Simone (Guitar, Bass) and E-da (Percussion)

Last time I performed in Glasgow was while ago, tour with my sound carrier friend Japanese trio Mandog and two other Japanese sound carriers, among them Mo-chan from Bo Ningen on drums also same venue like today. I guess I performed in this venue twice already, if my memory is right. Good size for my kind of music. It’s quite functional venue, live music space down stairs, upstairs with busy pub/restaurant. Sometimes, Network performance is joined by booker/promoter of the show, today’s show is in this case. Iain is young smart guy who arranged this show and played guitar. Opening band is from Aberdeen, some of them performed with me many years ago (as I haven’t perform in Aberdeen many years.) and know the same guy who arrange shows in Aberdeen. For me Glasgow has kind of charm that difficult to explain, the city has something other cities don’t have. Girls dressing different.

After sound check all sound carriers of the night come together had dinner together upstairs, talk and enjoy food. As usually I didn’t talk about music, just much more of my philosophy. As usual set up merchandising table short before door open beside Iain’s girl friend selling/control entrance. At many places some visitors are wondering I’m selling merchandising. I’m one man company, I’m flexible to do many things concerned to my show. I like this kind of moment before the performance, contact with audience already before the show a bit. Music is communication, this part is already part of my “live” performance. I’m not kind of artist stay at green room, perform and back to hotel. I like to have communication with people anyhow. Music is communication, my show start already at this point. Like to research people, interesting to know their mentality, character, whatever, I’ve interest in people also it’s study….character study. On travel I studying people, no, no I’m not intend to write book or so. People is very interesting everywhere. It’s part of instant composing, as I said communication is one of basic to create this kind of music as I don’t think I’m making music, my attitude is create platform where people is middle in it. So, before the show already people like to shoot selfies with me or they ask me for autograph, for me no problem, it’s part of my dairy work, don’t bother me at all.

Like you find my E-report, I won’t write down that much of concert its self. You may ask some sound carriers, I won’t talk about music before/after the show at all. Every visitor has their own opinion about result of fresh music of today. It’s not possible to compare one concert to other. Every time different, local to local different as sound carriers are different. That’s great thing, I have opportunity to involved in things like this. I get never bored, everyday is challenge, everyday build up new situation. As good chief use local fresh product, I mean I create time and space of the moment with ever changing local sound carriers. Some musician paint, take photos, musician in his way enjoying waiting time that is a lot. “Waiting” is most substance part of musicians life, anyway for me, begin with waiting for transfer, waiting for sound check, waiting for concert….. This “Waiting” time to use productive is my tendency. Glasgow to Edinburgh distance is not much, just an hour to drive. Even such short distance both cities are different, one is industrial city, another one is touristy and may be elegant. Quite similar example to Liverpool and Manchester, Cologne to Düsseldorf.

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