Sunday May 21 2017 UK, Edinburgh @ Mash House

Damo Suzuki with Wozniak : James (Bass), John (Drums), Sarah (Guitar, Vocals), Simon (Guitar) and E-da (Percussion)

Edinburgh is dark city, something mystery from all these gothic building and castle, even I feel fear it’s scary from illumination spot on church and old dark buildings late the night. First cloned cow came out here? We have hotel tonight and tomorrow (a break) middle of the city, in front of park, near to National Gallery and Museum. Big size room face to main street, where bagpipe player play some of popular scottish folk music tunes that everybody know again and again for tourist from all over the world. Typical symbol of Scotland you can imagine. Edinburgh is no doubt 2nd touristy city in Great Britain after London, double-decker tourist bus and busy street. Visitors from everywhere.

The venue placed at middle of busy old town. Stair steps up. When we arrive already sound carriers are there busy sound checking. I felt visitors here are restrain or shy when I was at merchandising table. Maybe they don’t know how looks Damo Suzuki and don’t realize he is selling merchandising. Sometimes this happens, I talk with them and ask me my name. It’s won’t bother me at all. Just it’s so fun and funny.

Next day I had break, grey sky and pouring rain, we stayed comfortable, in the afternoon just went for cafe. A lazy day. So now time to say good by to you and also to E-da, thanks for supporting me and it was nice to tour with him, I’m sure he enjoyed as well as he joined most concert as sound carrier. Next day, I took flight to Ireland, next E-report I’ll report you from green island.

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