May 23 2017

…..I never had been at the airport you have to pay for drop-off. This is Edinburgh airport, it’s incredible, I really don’t know any airport charge for this. Anyway E-da brought me to check-in. Then our way is separated, I again a man in plane, travel to next spot, local promoters are promised during tour in Ireland thy treat me well as I travel with attending person due to my long illness in case something goes wrong. having 2 breaks and E-da back to his home Brighton, he may stop at Leeds, it’s really long way back. I took propeller flight (? Any way it was small machine, my memory is not clear.) for around 35 minutes, arrived in Belfast. I wasn’t expected that short flight. Picked up by Jeremy, he invited me to stay extra days before and the after the show one day in Letterkenny. Wonderful offer, I like country side. It may really good for me to have enough time, rest myself in Green island. Co. Donegal is interesting spot as I’m interesting in Celtic culture. Northern Spain, Bretagne and Normandy, they have something to do with Celtic folk. Landscape is similar, rocky beach shore, many rainy days, rather cool weather, hospitality people and not these areas are not that much into tourism. Also, oyster?

Jeremy drove me to his village, he told me he moved out of Letterkenny and now living more countryside. One day we’re invited by a portrait painter who is also taking care of beautiful Glebe House and Gallery. Also attended by Bjorn, a German architect friend lives this area for many years. It’s so nice space with much of nature, peaceful place, he has two children, for children amazing place, woods, and lake nature play garden. 

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