May 24 2017 (Wednesday) Ireland, Letterkenny @ Regional Cultural Centre

Damo Suzuki with the Wood Burning Savages

There is young tree piece band from Belfast, they offered me pick me up in Letterkenny bring me to the venue in Belfast. I’ve little contact with this band Electric Octopus

They came exactly in time at noon. Good thing in this drive was they don’t hear any music, after while I said to them if they have recording of them. Surely they had, listen to them. They improvise and every piece is long, is it sound something like?….just like Network. Just they’re permanent member, guitar, bass and drums. They’re psychedelic instrumental band. They mailed me if we can play together, unfortunately this time also not happen, so then we spend together in car drive for around three ours, as they took country road that is quite like puzzle. I don’t know if they’re not good in geography of this area. Black Box is the venue I performed few times, nice place.

After sound check I hang around in front of the venue, weather is so good. Many people are on the street, ladies dressed in thin textile, everybody is happy. What happened? Is it payday today? Maybe just from so fine weather. Every corner of the city, any people, all in good moods. As usual, some of sound carriers already performed with me.

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