March 16 2008 (Sunday) Japan Tokyo UFO Club

Damo Suzuki with Reibun Otani (Guitar) and Fujikake, Tabata & Miyashita: Masataka Fujikake (Drums), Keiichi Miyashita (Guitar) and Mitsuru Tabata (Guitar)

Middle of 80’s, friend of mine who work at a studio (special for heavy metal) rung me up and say “Do you have time or interest to look after Japanese heavy metal band…do you know MARINO?…you can translate and support them somehow…” I supported their recording. they were 2nd famous heavy metal band that time and the label sent them to record in this very famous heavy metal studio. You and heavy metal? One of most closer sound carrier friend Keiichi was surprised when I first toured West Coast with him and LA sound carriers I call them Metaphysical Transfer, so called released double CD as well. Keiichi told me Reibun the guitarist of MARINO is his teenage hero even he interviewed him when he was school boy of 15years old. And he told to Rebun “One day I will play guitar with you” A couple of months before, I asked Keiichi if he likes to perform with Reibun. He was so surprised and also he was really happy to perform with his young age guitar hero. Reibun appeared with Junpei, a his long time friend, the drummer of that band. Music is music…but, there are many worlds. They never had real contact to alternative or underground or however record industry categorize. So, for Reibun this is new challenge.

Opening band NISENNEN MONDAI is instrumental female trio. They are tight energise band play Krautrock (This word I don’t like. just I used it as you understand how sound like). Always nice to have interesting openers, also they are sweet Japanese girls…. I like to perform with them one time anyway. Now a days they are often in Europe now a days, so you can hear them.

I told you in last E-report about “Uchiage” …the after performance drink party in “Izakaya”. Tonight we’re almost 20 person (Sound Carriers on tonight, Supporting band Electric Rainbow Band and friends and girlfriends. some of Mondrian musicians) captured one of those Izakaya chains near the venue around few blocks.. Everybody order dishes this and  that, and drinks. after we share all ….everybody pay same amount. We share…this is good system in Japan….very social manner!!!…Maybe this is reason communism or socialist parties in Japan are never get strong. Japanese have this kind of system within people’s daily life and in history, so we don’t need it politically. Always same party rules in not progressive politic since WW2..Its pro US party, very conservative….when US catch cold Japan get cold. I think Japan will never get change in spiritual solution if one of three basis broken down. Theses three to talk about Japanese history are 1) Japan is Island 2) Japanese religion : Buddism and Shintoism 3) Tenno (Kaiser) System……these are very important to talk about Japanese history, today and tomorrow. They are living with all these as basis since 6th century.

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