March 15 2009 (Sunday) UK Exeter @ Phoenix

Damo Suzuki with Den Elliott (Bass), Ben Goldstone /aka George Lazenbleep (Home Made Noise Generating Machine), Tom Harrison (Electonic, Samples), Alex Johnson (Synth, Guitar), Nik Rawlings (Vocal, Guitar, Trumpet), Philip Robinson (Saxophone, Banjo, Pocket Theramin), Julian Lee Seagar (Drums, Percussion), Henry Tomkins (Drums) and Jon Tye (Moog Synth)

Leeds to Exeter train took around 6 hours, long but, comfortable without any change…just direct. Sound carriers come one after another to the venue, which is not like last time. It’s at the 2nd floor parallel there is festival, auditorium is used for an another concerts as I heard of electronic music festival.

Around 12 sound carriers showed up from this area of South England, a young sound carrier guitarist from London joined as he meant he enjoyed that show in Bordens last year, so he came here to play again. Also the guy from Tucson, Texas joined, he is just in holiday with his wife and they’re 14 hours on the way, just they arrived today to UK. They will stay South England for a couple of weeks. Patrick the promoter of this show was quite worried about amount of sound carriers he got and he was asking to me by mail. How he will make it….I just said if you’re worry about it then apart in two parties, one with sound carriers who has birthday in January – June period and an another group with July to December.

Once in while I performed a show (I guess in Australia) after sound check all sound carriers sat together and usual communication after we found everybody of us Capricorn.
Recordings of the gig:

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