March 17 2009 (Tuesday) UK Windsor @ Firestation Arts Centre

Damo Suzuki with Mark Andrews (Drums), Mick Bund (Bass Guitar), Oliver Denyer (Percussion), Jon Male (Guitar), Ann Shenton (Moog) and Rob Weston (Machines, Effects)

Yesterday, I spend a break day in London, so it’s easy travel today. Also it was good to have rest as today and tomorrow’s performance are very far. I’ve to wake up early in the morning to catch first train to London, then Eurostar to Paris, then to Brest, Bretagne. First time I visited this small famous town near London called Windsor. I don’t have to have to explain about this city. I’ve never interest in monarchy. Or should I say, why people need this? I say, this is just peaceful small city, my taste, very similar to Oxford. This day brought spring.

Beginning of this tour weather wasn’t that good, much like England cold and wet everywhere I had to cover myself in warm clothes. Change the train at Slough, from train saw Windsor castle few minutes later, so this train is special train to Windsor. Many schoolboys and girls in group not only British, there were French schoolboys and girls. Here is really touristy place. It’s not difficult to find it if you get out train. Many restaurant, souvenir shops tight together around the station. Sam, the young booker at Fire station Arts Center picked up me while I was begin to shop after waiting for him bathing sun on the bench. Only few blocks away you can find the venue, which is former fire station. The building must be from end of 19th century or beginning of 20th century when Britain had much power and rule the world. There were young skinny charming girl working at the art center, she likes sound check. Every time band plays here she don’t miss sound check.

Weather was good as I and some sound carriers sat outside the venue drinking beer, I drink glasses of white wine. waiting for performance. Yes, finally spring came. This „Drinking was really mad to me later on…I tell you. Opposite street stands fake Japanese restaurant, I’ve checked already for dinner tonight. Bad thing happens when I drink too much. Already at terrace of the venue I had some glasses of white wine. The wrong thing I choose……Syouchyu=Japanese rice snaps. From this moment to next morning I was kind of „blackout…cannot remember anything. Under such a nice spring weather with beautiful light, taste of drinks were really amusable one became two became four so far…Even I cannot remember performance we did. Even I don’t know if I’ve got performance fee. Also I lost sunglasses and digital pocket camera. (Few days later some people mailed me the performance was good, then I felt better myself.)

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