March 18 2009 (Wednesday) France Brest @ Festival Invisible

Damo Suzuki with Monstre: Morgan Landuré (Ellectric Guitar, Stones, Noises), Arnaud Le Gouëfflec (Bass, Moog), Fabrice Louisin (Drums, Percussions) and Lionel Mauguen (Electric Guitar, Special Effects)

Missed the first train, so not possible to get Eurostar train from Paddington to Paris. Cannot remember what happened yesterday. I was too drunk, must went Hotel like Zombie even it’s just next door to the venue. Brain watch took a bit late to wake me up….Oh shit!!! I missed the train. But, anyhow, anyway I have to reach today’s destination Brest, Bretagne I had to buy new ticket which was almost 3 times more than normal as I wanted be in Paris quick as possible if it’s possible I get connecting train to Brest. But, all are not happen. I arrived quite boring travel under the Dover Channel. They asked me to pay for new ticket…but, there are even less than half full. It’s business, man. New ticket from London to Brest was quite OK, they asked me for penalty and difference to pay…so, this was also much but, not too much like heartless Eurostar. A zombie through London, through Paris..around two hours later find myself in the train. All these trip I took a bit more than 8 hours in train…..for waiting train and Gare du Nord to Montparnasse including….around more than two hours…no half day!!!!!! Bretagne is nice place, beautiful landscapes with atmosphere, even I was tired….really really tired I didn’t close my eyes, feeling I’ll miss something…It’s travellers feeling. TGV which waiting for me at Montparnasse were so long train…must have 18 wagons or maybe a bit more. The train was separated in two front wagons are going to Breast as final destination. Following wagons are Stop at Rennes. It’s comfortable train with comfortable seat. Comparing with German or British rail, it’s not that much expensive. Britain and Germany has sometimes really shameless price. A couple of days before I took train from London to Leicester which takes anything about 1 and half hours…have to pay around 70 GBP without not that much comfort and modern like TGV. 2 hours delay for Damo’s arrival…..still they showed up at station. First went to small friendly Hotel, which has wireless access. Then to the venue short sound check…just me few second…sound was already good. Sometime timing to take food is problem. I cannot eat that much before three hours start performance. This was really good I have around three hours, I promised my self don’t drink any alcohol today. But, this rural was just for fantasist. If you’re in France…you don’t miss wine. So, one wine is two, twos are three…….. People say French people don’t speak English…. but, this time it was not true…all sound carriers and their friend spoke with me English and we understand. Support acts are one Japanese named Makoto Sato ho lives in France for 30 years, I was Jealousy about his eloquent French. He looks so satisfied with his life and keeping smile on his face. He usually performs as trio, unfortunately one of their members is sick, so they have to do with two instead three. But, it was really enough sound even just two of them are making. Our performance went well…. like most of times.
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