March 14 2009 (Saturday) UK Leeds @ The Brundenell Social Club

Damo Suzuki with Stu Bannister (Bass), Richard Formby (Guitar), David Lazonby (Saxophone), James Mabbett (Guitar), Richard Morris (Keyboards, Drums) and Neil Turpin (Drums)

Back again since one and half year of absence. When I saw Paul pick me up from rail station even I didn’t have feeling that we didn’t see us for such long. Paul is organizer of Network performance for 2nd time. Took bus to his place where is quite closer to the venue. Rest for a while, E-mail check is one of regularly solution I do on tour. Nice news is that he said he sold already good amounts of tickets.

The Brundenell Social Club is one of nicest venue in UK with inner flair of 40’s, 50’s. If you stand in audience sight is wide. When I arrived there, sound carriers were already set up their equipment, ready to sound check. Leeds show is mostly special, they have two supports bands after their performance they join Network performance. Also quite often they have good acts as supports. It had been never changed this style from Jonny to Paul, two different bookers. Jonny is busy with university stuff to organize and no more making booking for bands, so Paul is doing this since last time for me with his friend Chris who will become father for first time in April. I tell you, there are many babies on the way. One of factor I’m intensive on this solution is hat I myself will have a baby….no, not my own. I will be grandfather for first time and I’m very exciting, also I’m very happy that my family tree is growing a bit. …Am I conservative? When you’re instant composer like me, you’re intensive in living, living with traveling, new friends here and there, then meet new sound carriers and create time and space of the moment. After some people come to me and speak how they enjoyed the show, shaking hands, kiss on cheek, hug……So, every time is „Living, and „Living is positive and „Light. So, I’m extremely happy to be grandpa. At same time, I just wonder where all times are gone. Now, my 2nd son become father….

Paul cooked veg lasagna for sound carriers, he said he is cooking often…’s good thing if you like to live healthy. Homemade food has its own energy and never based on commerce. Home made foods are one of results of life style and philosophy…. responsibility for own life. Leeds sound carriers are once or more times performed with me already. Niles, Dave…..

After the show I met Kim, Dave’s wife telling me how they enjoyed Canada at their friend place. By the way, Paul will move to Canada for a year, he said. Many new faces in audience. Result was again very good night. Next day, I cooked for Paul and his wife later saw cinema Che Guevara’s story, which wasn’t not my taste. After we went gig of Fuckin Tank, they once performed with me and this night.

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