June 14 2017 (Wednesday) Greece, Thessaloniki @ Eight Ball Club

Damo Suzuki with Naxatras :John Delias (Guitar), Kostas Harizanis (Drums) and John Vagenas (Bass & Synthesizer)

There is always the first time, this first time is that I had an accommodation in construction hotel building. (What??) Whole hotel rooms will be finished in 2 weeks. My room was completely finished version, so no worries! It’s middle of busy part of the city, walk to venue just few blocks. Nightlife is also interesting at this area, pubs, and clubs…. I drink just a small, so I don’t miss to be in pub. In the night nobody was in this provisionally hotel, so it was ghost silence.

This Balkan tour I visit three places I’d never been. It’s always curious to visit for very first time. If my brain-washed information is correct or fake, it will show. Young people from Sofia picked me up from the provisionally hotel. Took quite a while as they parked far away from the hotel, also traffic jams situation was as usually in South Europe. Transfer to Bulgarian capital city took around 4 hours, quicker than I thought of. Many people has been in Bulgaria for low budget beach holiday package and know at least one taste of Schopska (Salat with sheep cheese). Fortunately, this part of Europe serve many fresh vegetables. Hot summer like now, fresh vegetable support our substance. Few hours rest at a communism-period-style hotel, directly beside park at quite middle of the city. Whatever you drink or eat, everything is so cheap compare with our part of Europe even this is quite a noble place, probably 4 stars hotel in the city. When you step into an elevator you don’t miss that carpet on floor spelled “Thursday”, because today is Thursday, why not? Is this carpet have “Friday” on it, tomorrow? I’ll see. Picked up by minibus to national radio station, on the way I saw the busy city and people. First time in Bulgaria’s capital city!

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