June 15 2017 (Thursday) Bulgaria, Sofia @ Mixtape 5

Damo Suzuki with Angel Draganov (Keyboards), Kaloyan Ivanov (Guitar), Delyan Karaivanov (Bass) and Georgi Malchev (Drums)

Before sound check, one guy introduced me himself that he performed with me already twice. But, I’d never performed in Bulgaria before. He is living here since few years, originally from Belgrade and member of that band with so long name, it’s difficult to remember, therefore for me just “the band with longest name”. Neočekivana Sila Koja Se Iznenada Pojavljuje i Rešava Stvar“ (hope you don’t bite your tongue!) was name of the band. This is meaning like „ The unexpected Power That Comes Suddenly and the Solving Thing“. So he joined us…..as a Sofia sound carrier.

Staff of concert organisation team were so kindly to take care my merchandising and care hospitality. Not only in Bulgaria, Balkan area generally, people is natural and have good hospitality, It’s just normal standard, I guess. Non-makeup beauty. Next morning, remember of a carpet in elevator?, …Next day it turned to “Friday”, why not? today is Friday. Next stop is Koumanovo, as we promised, Vasko and his daughter picked me up from Sofia. Daughter is 16 years old, keen in English. She was few times in London. I feel this part of Europe many young people speak English. Her father doesn’t speak English, I would say an another generation. Vako is a former bass player, even we have no communication, he is really nice guy, understand what I need. Koumanovo is this tours idea started and seems to be interesting spot as (I hear ) rock’n roll in Balkan started from here and its basic place. This is not first time I perform in Macedonia, many years ago in capitol city Skopje.

That concert I can remember, not clearly, but I can remember, next day we (organiser team and sound carriers) went on hill with historical building (could be a church), there we took lunch…local food. That was odd many years ago. The car went through mountain, a beautiful country view driving. Before the border we stopped at a bar, Vasko brought me a bottle of local beer. Before surgery I was a beer drinker, but things has been changed, occasionally I drink a beer, but now my usual alcohol consume is white wine with 1/3 mineral water, even this is just occasionally. I may be too careful no…I just don’t taste good with any kind of alcohol since release from hospital. It may effect by medicine I take everyday. Whisky is just for a collection. I’ve a day break in interesting nostalgic city of Kumanouvo, a second largest city of Macedonia, is north near to Kosovo and Serbia border, agriculture powerpoint. It’s all bio agriculture here, supported by government. It’s very good thing. Vasko and daughter brought me to the accommodation for today and tomorrow, baton touch to next attend person Anton. It’s on main street, quite busy national road. A communism building pure. Take a rest a bit. An hour later Anton appeared again, asked me for Lunch if I have some wish. “Fish” was my answer. Few steps to city centre, a fish restaurant, a part of four restaurants at backyard, some trees make shade, protect from midday sun. Very relax, start with Raki (anis spirit = Ouzo) , then ice cold beer, I normally take white wine and bottle of mineral water, an alcohol drink is depend on matter, The day like this, hot, no wind, almost no air flow makes me thirsty and after drive for few hours, best drink is just ice cold beer!…feeling of the moment, a local beer! Main dish, a grilled fresh caught rainbow trout was huge,(with large amount of salad),delicious! For side dish I couldn’t find rice on menu, I asked a shy young service girl and she asked chief and it’s OK, he’ll make risotto for me. It’s nice to be place like here, chief is flexible, if it’s necessary he cook just even for a customer. People here generally owner of natural human feeling pure. Mushroom risotto appeared. Oh, yeah, I almost forget to tell….before lunch dish, Anton ordered grilled chilli I have to try this. It was really hot, tongue is burning, all my hair standing. (Few hours later I had problem with my stomach, Anton was very sorry, but it wasn’t chilli made me uncomfortable stomach, it was my medicine and something, bad chemistry matter.) Anyway here you feel eat fresh, therefore healthy. No microwave shit! Anton is an actor, works in Sofia. Indeed, his mimic is already that of actor. If I’m a film director, I arrange him, he smiled and pity that I’m not director, he took my compliment. He’ll play bass tonight by one of three Network bands of the night. Yes, I’ve 3 sets with 3 different formations.

Last time I performed in Skopje was quite a same…. Few times different staffs showed up one after another (my nature is not having much capacity of memory, sorry I forgot their names!) and taking care after me at the accommodation, even one of staff brought me dry herb tea (seems to be very common at this area), mixed by his wife with many different herbs to get my stomach better. He was an architect, he said he doesn’t like to talk about architect as it’s his work. Late in the night the architect brought me to the club where all stuff and some sound carriers were. He introduced me many people, but it was not possible to hear people speaking, music was TOO LOUD! I don’t stay place like here for long, I quit very soon, this wasn’t good manner from me, but I cannot stand in loudness, even mainly I don’t like to hear music. It was quite long day, many information already capturing my brain.

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