June 17 2017 (Saturday) Macedonia, Koumanovo @ Main Theatre Koumanovo

1) Damo Suzuki with Obohtal : Tonio Mitevski (Piano), Davor Serkinikj (Percussions) and Guest: Nebojsa Mitic (Drums)

2) Damo Suzuki with Rib : Ivica Dimitrievikj (Guitar), Dzano Kuch (Drums), Jane Trajkovski (Guitar Trumpet) and Guest: Sasho Spasovski (Guitar)

3) Damo Suzuki with King of Pseudo :(Keyboard, Bass), Srdjan Janakievikj (Electronics , iPad and Iphone), Igor Vasilev (Keyboard, Bass), and Guest: Goran Trajkovski ( Electronic, Back Vocals)

The venue is a theatre with 700 seats. 1st floor opened for a photo exhibition. I brought not much merchandising, all sold out yesterday. It is not good for young to middle aged music lover tonight, they want have “something” after the show. I felt sorry about this. If you once visited my performance, this old grey hair creature is standing at merchandising table…I’m a one man company…I do everything for Suzuki san. Before show, talk with visitor, after the show connect with visitor is one of my habit during my tour.

Connecting with locals is fine thing, so today I feel bit strange without merchandising. Since long time, I never performed with three different formations on 3 sets. It was really something in Macedonia. At break I went to entrance hall, a young girl was crying and hug me, her teardrops never ends, saying something but very soft. Words she produce is not catchable, but she is saying she is crying for happiness. When all sets are over, she came to me again and begin to cry……It was happy moment, she caught our music so deeply and emotionally, it touched her hearts, cannot stop crying. She hugged me again…… Made appointment next day at a grill restaurant near the accommodation at noon. I wanted to take late breakfast at this place, but I ordered Kebab from sheep. That I could finish only half, it may to early for my stomach, the other hand my stomach is smaller than before surgery. I cannot eat that much, anyway meat is not my favourite, mainly people eat meat here. Food here is influenced by Far East and Mediterranean kitchen. Also you may find Shopska again. By the way name of the grill restaurant is DOMA, sound like someone’s name? Alush, the Pristina gig promoter picked me up exactly in time. We sat together for a while, drink cup of coffee. He says it’s not so far from here to Pristina. This is first time I perform in Albanian countries. Kosovo and Albania is well connected.

These both shows are arranged by Genti, an Albanian guitarist lives in London, he is also running label. Later I meet him. He performs tonight as well. He brought some friend sound carriers from London. I’d been in every part of former Yugoslavian countries except Kosovo. Now it get complete. It’s always curious to visit first time, also both countries, are quite unknown, Albania still is an empty space in Europe. I had image of Yugoslavia war and expected many ruins and depressed people or if they have dark image. It’s all turned to positive image. Young people here and Tirana has young fresh creative energy and very curious about what is going on at the other part of world as for them to get out of country is very difficult both financial basis, and political reasons (isolation).

It’s really a fantastic story, the venue I perform tonight with Albanian, Kosovo and UK sound carriers tonight : Hamam Bar is chosen as one of top 5 best designed bar 2013 in the world by the World Architecture News Competition, the world’s largest architecture and interior awards program. Hamam has been selected from hundreds of top-quality and highly-regarded entries from design capitals across the globe such as Paris, Barcelona, London, Dubai, NYC, Singapore, Sydney, Shanghai, Berlin, Hong Kong, Sao Paulo etc. David against Goliath! It’s really nice to hear story like this. I love it! Venue owner Dardan was a nice guy, treat me if I’m his old friend. (He was many times saying „how you make it?“ he was wondering about our instant music.) Seems to be we performed for 2 and half hour, I just can’t imagine! I felt it was short time. (Absolutely longest show after my illness!)

This happens often when you perform with Network, time tick different, you don’t realize real length of performance, you feel always too short, but it isn’t.

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