June 18 2017 (Sunday) Kosovo, Pristina @ Hamam Bar

Damo Suzuki with Tetris : Burim Gora (Guitar), Edmond Krasniqi (Guitar), Dritëro Nikqi (Drums) and Vigan Nimani (Keyboards)
Additional Sound Carriers on stage : Adem Hasani (Keyboards), Agron Mjekiqi (Drums), Arif Muharremi (Guitar), Gent Nimani (Guitar) and Bujar Sylejmani (Bass)

A young English student pair talked to me after the show, they chose visit this area as they don’t know much about Kosovo, now they’re so happy to be here even saying, like to come back again in near future. They’re positive surprised about kindness of people and infrastructure, so I did. I heard for some former US soldier is, Kosovo is the best place. Indeed, it’s really interesting, it may secret tip to visit here, it has SOMETHING. Young creative energy is there!

Next late morning, promoter Alush invited me for breakfast at his wife’s café at busy café-restaurant area of the city. Enough space, bright by natural light. Sun is continuing….heating us. Albania is “North Korea of Europe” or “last empty spot in Europe” Western countries won’t talk good thing about this country. When I stayed with and performed together with local people, every negative curtain this country had went off from my brain. People here knows meaning of hospitality. Even small hotel I stayed, they asked me if I like to have breakfast at noon.

I don’t know why people in Europe has negative thought about Albania. It’s brainwash. Not much people visiting here then why they build up already opinion about this country? In fact is Albania is an Islamic country. But, different, for example, Christian and Muslim can marry, also females are not forced to wear scarf. There’s no barrier between religions. Monday concert is very seldom, probably not good weekly day. It’s different here, many young Albanians, also some foreigner joined Network Albanian performance. Visitors stay long after the performance, you can’t imagine…. It’s different here.

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