June 19 2017 (Monday) Albania, Tirana @ Destil

Damo Suzuki with Bledi Boraku Ape (Guitar),Duncan Gray (Bass), INAKTIV( Synth, Guitar) and Dritero Nikqii (Drums)

From my curiosity I planed to stay one extra day in this city. And it was like a win in lottery, I found a fresh young wind (energy) that may bring something, this mean Hope & FUTURE. Genti, a first contact person for this Kosovo/Tirana shows, a London based guitarist and some friends spend time with me take breakfast, at afternoon, hanging around at Sheshi Skënderbej, a square, the symbol of the city, drink a cup of espresso. It’s nice to comeback here again one day. It’s no more unknown country, it’s no more „last empty spot in Europe”. Huh..

Flight was so early (quite stress!) departure Tirana at 4:30, arrival Zagreb at 8:50 via Belgrade (changed flight) Pick upped by Kornel, I know him for decades, since my first tour in former Yugoslavian countries. I came here a day before the performance, stay at Kornel’s flat that is not so far from the airport. Zagreb is same like Athens, I see none of the city attractions just I spend time around venue or accommodation. Especially this time stay like as it was.

I wasn’t in best health condition, early flight put me out of concept. Anyway first day, I stayed so long in bed. Kornel arranged veggie food, he’s a vegetarian. I eat just everything, even veggie food is well come. Genti contacted me by mail, is saying I packed wrongly a remote control box for cooling system at the hotel in Tirana. Huh..this kind of thing happen when I’m not concentrated or very sleepy. What a poor action from me and what a strange gift. (By the way I sent this tool back to Hotel few days later from Cologne. Strangely it came back again few weeks later.)

Next day at sound check, I met ol’ friend sound carrier Niksic, a keyboarder, after long years again. I know him from my first former Yugoslavia tour, also I toured together with Tena Novak, he was involved, 11 years ago in 2006. Niksic know some of my sound carrier friend, Jonathan LaMaster and Makoto Kawabata for example (Anyway Network sound carriers, somehow walking on same path.) He was same as him I knew, just shortly he sold his old keyboard to Peter Braatz, another my friend, lives in Ljubljana. It’s a small world. Coincidence?

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