August 11 2017 (Friday) @ Moth Club, London, UK

Damo Suzuki with Nervous Conditions : Connor Browne (Guitar), Lewis Evans (Saxophone), Tyler Hyde (Bass), May Kershaw (Synth), Jonny Pyke (Drums), Charlie Wayne (Drums) and Isaac Wood (Guitar)

Around 6 hours driving from St.Austell to London. We started early in the day to avoid traffic Jam on the way. Now, Elke is proud to be the (foreigner) driver who across middle of metropolis London…Oxford Street.

Found parking place for a car just front of the venue, priority of an office. Friday afternoon, so small parking place was empty. Good luck in London parking situation. Moth Club and The Shacklewell Arms booking same guy named Keith, he knows how my project goes well, he arranged my performance many times, he arranged young hopeful band Nervous Conditions from Cambridge.

All members are around 21, young and smart guys and girls. Good mood already before Network performance starts. 1st set Nervous Conditions performed, they’re asking me if I come on stage while they’re playing. I preferred to make 2 different stages. They’re talented band and this is opportunity of my job (?), experience young talented band live performance. At home I don’t listen to any music, occasionally classical music randomly while I’m writing, thinking or whatever. I like to hear live, this atmosphere, you cannot record with any machine

…until now.

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