August 12 2017 (Saturday) Ramsgate Music Hall, Ramsgate, UK

Damo Suzuki with George Clift, Members of Cosmic Thoughts and Brassica

Drive to seaside, I feel better than to drive to inland. This part of UK I come very seldom… Just short drive east from London. Easy drive. A touristy port town, once ferry route to/from Belgium, France, Netherland also with Hovercraft. Due to traffic connection through Channel tunnel, not much sea traffic like heyday. They lost work, financial source from transfer business.

This is very beautiful summer day, blue sky, here and there clouds, water surface is shining, just imagine a postcard of any port in the world. It’s just perfect day. The Hotel didn’t have elevator, just narrow pass ways, receptionist carried our suitcase to 3rd floor which was a bit complicated to find like mouse nest. Sure, we went at lunchtime, to try seafood, what else? Therefore we choice to come here early, just found parking place in front of the venue.

At front of harbour we found fish restaurant with reasonable price, but unfortunately fried fish platter, that was quite oily but, enough amounts on dish, couldn’t finish all served. Anyway since I released from hospital, my stomach is clearly smaller, also through medication, my tongue sometimes don’t feel taste or sweet thing sometimes bitter taste. Therefore cooking by myself is a bit adventure at now and I don’t do crazy like before. May be I get more motivation near future, I hope.

Remarkable : Many of audience came to this concert not for the first time. I spoke after the show, I met you there and so and so, they saw me already every part of UK. Some told me of 1973 performance. It’s so strange to come this small town and many people already have seen me?…’s funny.

The venue arranged for us to have Indian food (I heard, to be one of the best in UK) unfortunately, we’re too late for appointment, we got form of bento box after the show. There are huge amount of Indian Restaurant all over UK, I should say, this belongs to one of high category even it was cold. Yammy! 

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