10.08.2017 Falmouth, UK: The Poly

VenueThe Poly
AgeAll Ages
Name of Event/Festivalco:noise presents Damo Suzuki and the Mildred Maude Orchestra of Public Noise

Sound Carriers

Damo Suzuki with Mildred Maude: Matt Ashdown (Guitar), Louie Newlands (Drums) and Lee Wade (Bass) and the Orchestra of Public Noise:(part of the co:noise participatory project to join Mildred Maude half way through the concert https://www.facebook.com/coNOISE/ ). It will include ‘noise stations’ for the audience to use with help from 2 musicians: Martin Pease (guitar sounds and general use of ‘noise stations’, guidance for the public),Seamus Constance (general use of ‘noise stations’, guidance for the public) and Audience members (general use of ‘noise stations’)The noise stations are likely to be:a)Typewriter + reverbb)Springs attached to a wooden box to create vibrations when hit + reverb/delayc)Guitar drones all tuned to two notes + reverb/delay and a swell pedald)Handmade single string low bass drone + violin bow and effectse)Glockenspiel limited to 2 or 3 notes + freeze pedal for gentle sustaining of notes

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