October 4 2008 (Saturday) Italy Piacenza @ For Sale

Damo Suzuki with Cristian Calcanile (Drums), Paolo Cantu (Guitar), and Xabier Iriondo (Guitar)

Luca and Ricci brought me to Reggio’s rail station. They looks so good future parents. Met Xabier, Varentia and Paulo came from Milano at Piacenza rail station. Before they came I had talk with an old man, who was very curious to know about Japanese language, so I gave him short lessens. Funny named venue “For Sale” was not yet open..(Already sold?)but, we had luck to go to Wobbling market just cross the street run by social aides. I bought very tiny cafe set. Every time interesting to see old toys, watches, clothes, dishes…some nostalgia stuffs. Olivier expected to perform with us, but he was not able to do for any reasons.

The venue is wide than from outside. Relative huge place for city like here.

After performance all Milano teams went back to home, I stayed here at Gianluca, young music student.

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