October 15 2008 (Wednesday) France Montreuil @ Les Instants Chavires

Damo Suzuki with French Doctors: Edward Perraud (Drums), Sébastien Borgho (Guitar, Electronics), Nicolas Marmin (Bass, Electronics), Olivier Manchion (Guitar, Bass, Electronics) and Frank le Quengo (E-Drums)

To stay at someone who is expecting baby is kind of positive flow. Nick picked me up from Charles De Gaulle Airport to his new house, outside Paris, quite closer to the airport. He and Verginia lives here since two years. 30Km to Paris, quiet place with country ambiente. I came a day before the performance day as I couldn’t find any possibility to come on the performance day. There was one possibility from Cologne, but it’s too late for sound check. So, I arranged to come here a day before from Dusseldorf, which is just neighborhood to Cologne where I live…around 35 km distance.  

The venue is at outside Paris….for me it’s part of Paris as you cannot find city border. I and Nick went there in time, but you know, sound carriers were coming one after another. I perform tonight with French Doctors, in year 2002, with initiative of Nick as curator, pick up line-up for my first performance in Paris since 30 years, they find chemistry and after that performance they formed the band French Doctors. Sound engineer Etienne was already there when we arrived. Frank and Sebastian came, then Edward in Red shirts just came back from China tour, then Olivier from Reggio Emilia…Most of them I didn’t see for almost 5 years (Hew…time fly so fast) since then Edward became two times father of two girls and Now, French Doctors were complete also Arte (French-German culture TV) team were there to documented our live and interview with me …it will be shown in three months. (Broadcasting date January 30 2009)

So, I’m looking forward to it even I found that I didn’t say anything about Network project. (after man get clever). At sound check, everybody of us felt if we performed together yesterday. I made with French Doctors 2 Paris performance and small French tour with 4 dates. The venue has nice atmosphere as nice people are working there. Also they have gallery around 150 meter from the venue.

As I heard the venue will moved to gallery place, then they have much bigger venue. This was the day everything went well, friendly people, nice venue…after show everybody had smiles on their face. What I need more…… I slept really deep.

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