October 26 2008 (Sunday) Moscow @ Ikura Club

Damo Suzuki with V.O.M.: Bad Seed (Sax), Bimka (Broken Sound Devices, Clarinet), Grin’ko (Drums), Lampi (Sound Devices), Monochuvak (Bass), Stereochuvak (Guitar) and Zen Porno (Guitar, Noises) http://nobullshit.ru/!english

Next day We had time to walk around Pskov in the afternoon. Night had long legs last night. Every sound carriers drunk a lot….I mean Russian’s drink quite a lot no compare with West Europe. At 6pm We took Pskov to Moscow night train…12 hours it took. I and two Antons in same cabin with a businessman who was in Japan and he loves to be there. Normally, passengers buy before get into the night train, drinks and something to eat, 12 hours ride in train is endless long.

Anton, the organizer bought vodka and some snacks. You can order tee, cafe and warm foods in your cabin. There is always a service woman on each wagons. Train it’s self is kind of nostalgia time trip. Moscow has many central station like London or Paris. We arrived at Leningrad Station, next morning early at 6. Hundreds of people get out from the train, taxi driver is asking if you need taxi on platform already, also luggage carriers ask you to carry your heavy duties.

Morning at around station area is amazing and living. Food shops makes white smoke, flower shops (I always wonder there are lots of flower shops in Russia..one of mains shops..). People who’s going to their working place are in hurry and not really happy faces in cold morning. Say good bye to other sound carriers until this evening. Parted in some groups, go different direction melt in people. ….It took while to find Boris’s place even I’m several times in Moscow, I’d never went out alone always attended by friends. Boris with loud voice saying “Da~Mo~o-o!!…welcome to Mo-S-Coww!” his voice comes from his balcony. Boris don’t speak English, I don’t speak his language..still we are close friends since several years.

Actually wake up so early is not his world..he wasn’t having sleep last night he told me. Anton and Julian stayed for a while took breakfast together. After a while I slept for a couple of hours, anyway Boris seems to be very tired Ikura Club..translate : Caviar Club. If you’re expert for Japanese sushi then you know Ikura..this is actually Russian word. Not that much people realize that Hamburger is originally comes from Russia, even Gyoza (Korean bake pasta inside meat) is also Russia as origin. Not that much people know that Russian food is really tasty and interesting in a way they cook and serve. I like Russian foods a lot. Even fast food street eat away shop is better than western countries. Specially I like is Potatoes in Alufoil, you can choose two different sauce from seven or different sauce. Sauces are vegan, fish, meat, you can find for every taste. I like this fast food made in Russia. Much healthy tasty than Big M’s or Kings….You can find every corner of main street like you can find sausages in Germany. Korb (sausage) in Sweden.

The venue has long narrow carpet way to entrance from outside. Feeling like to get into secret meeting of those bosses from dark underworld. Kind of gorgeous (which is not seldom in Moscow). African, the guy from Ukline showed up, without him, we could not have this tour, also though him I met VOM people. I take this space and say thanks to African.

I stayed one extra day in Moscow. Boris took us to Azerbaijan Restaurant. Seems to be original ambient from it’s origin country. There are many former Soviets Union countries restaurant. Also Russia is huge country with many unknown things. Every visit I learn more…

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