October 31 2008 (Friday) Portugal Porto @ Casa da Musica

Damo Suzuki’s Network with The Mental Liberation Ensemble: Gustavo Costa (Drums), Henrique Fernandes (Electric Double Bass), João Filipe (Drums), Jonathan Saldanha (Shenai, Electronics) and Filipe Silva (Guitar, Synth)

Music House/Casa de Music started their mission 2 years ago. This is public running venue, arrange event once a month between October to May each year. The house is very gorgeous and modern, placed at the middle of world heritage city Port, where Portugal began her story and known place of same named world well known wine.

I have been here for several times and performed with some same sound carriers. (Know many faces here) Philip, a one of those friend sound carrier and his girlfriend Claudia picked me up from the airport, which is renewed for European soccer championship 2004, unfortunately host land lost the final against Greece…but, anyway it was really surprising. That time I made very first show in this Iberian country.

The last scene from last visit continue very first scene of this tour. Philip and Claudia drove me to Lisbon airport last time. Now they are picking me up from Port airport. In front of the venue around 20 skaters, showing what the can. Skateboarding is interesting as my 2nd son is really good for this mid 60’s in California found young people’s sport. Skaters are social ,one help other and special society..I might say quite maniac.

In the venue there are a couple of performing space. We got the space with stair steps, improvised stage is lower level than audience. Back of stage is huge window you can see part of the city in the night. I rest a bit at Hotel which is just 5 minutes to walk from the venue.

I had to woke up so early to take plane which departed at 6:55AM from Cologne. Around 2 hours flight. Try to read daily news paper, but my eyes are heavy to keep awaken, fall in sleep. After sound, typical procedure carry ourselves to fish restaurant near harbor, there you can find few fish restaurants where local people come enjoy foods. Before show party!!! Yammy different fishes, humm…nicest place to live is near sea.

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