October 24 2008 (Friday) Pskov @ TRI Club

Damo Suzuki with Magical Unicellular Music (V.O.M.4): Bimka (Broken Sound Devices, Guitar), Grin’ko (Drums), Monochuvak (Bass), Stereochuvak (Guitar) and Zen Porno (Guitar, Noises)

Julian, I know for years is a camera man making film from Peters. He joined our van to Pskov.

This is first time, I perform out of Peters and Moscow. Also know other cities in Russia is interesting. Van ride took around 4 hours through grey uncomfortable ambient and smells of winter, clouds are heavy looks like they might drop from sky at next moment This stretch is almost you can see nothing, ruin like farmer house, freezing woods, even this road is head up to Minsk, quite busy road. Pskov is a small city quite closer to Belarus.

People in Peters and Moscow say Pskov is nice place to visit for sentimental reason. Buildings are standing still since long and there is no modernization. I mean this nostalgia is thing that only domestic people can feel and smell as they know history and situations however. So, ? was staying my brain whole day. “Nostalgia”? Hum…maybe that is feeling like if I come back to 60’s. Anyway Peters and Moscow people like this city for this reason. Not many foreigner artists come here and perform even Russian artists to perform here is seems to be seldom..so, when we started full of people. Nina was good looking young lady who translated my interview. Off course I had fun to give interview for local paper. Place like here is still foreigner like me is very seldom. Many eyes concentrate to my direction when I walking down the street. Peters and Moscow sound carries traveled together. They’re enjoying to be here escape from busy top 2 cities of Russia.

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