October 23 2008 (Thursday) Russia St.Petersburg @ The Place

Damo Suzuki with Magical Unicellular Music (V.O.M.4): Bimka (Broken Sound Devices), Grin’ko (Drums), Monochuvak (Bass), Stereochuvak (Guitar) and Zen Porno (Guitar, Noises)

After 10 hours of did-I-sleep?-or-I-couldn’t-sleep situation, the Night train slide into Belarus Station (Moscow has nine railway terminals) , we get out from the train as last guest in that wagon, we have still enough time. Early morning at railway station has much ambient, workers going, small shops around the station has been opened waiting for customers, many things to eat already at this time, café shop, etc….nice smells and white steam smoke from the ground c….

I like Moscow in this period of the day. Through all these living ambient, we took metro (most beautiful tube in the world….station is like in museum or castle… ) to get Europe Square where we can change train to Airport. It’s quite new railway and railway station. Inside train was enough place for suits cases and stretch legs. Flight was also getting modern than last time I took exactly same line and same route a few years ago. St.Petersburg is one of most amazing city in Europe for my taste for long time. Moscow is interesting city too. But, becoming money orientated city…. as far as I heard 70 percents of Russian budget flew to Moscow. Peters (St.Petersburg) is just opposite…it’s cultural metropolis….. It’ very difficult to find one classical music composer who had never been here to, study or work. Prokofiev, Rachmaninov, Shostakovich, Tchaikovsky, Mussorgsky, etc……all were here…and there sons of St.Petersburg.

In fact the city has full of interesting places to go . Don’t forget Hermitage..a great museum, Peters inhabitants are proud of. Or look at all those 18th century buildings in spot light in the night. You feel you are back to 18th century. Peters is not that old around 250 years old. Still Peters is kind of culture metropolis and much original also provocative than Moscow. Much power comes from deep, while Moscow is elegant and trendy. Performance at this venue is first time even I perform in Peters for 6 times. People here is so friendly. At this stage I feel getting gout again. Concert went pretty good… met a couple of friends, Kate, Julian, etc….. After I went to Sashas place. He told me he has difficulties with financial crisis and lost many many money. He has publishing company. Since I came to Russia people’s talk number one is world wide financial crises. It was kind of lucky in unlucky. This stage my gout was getting really terrible with pain. I was lucky that Sasha has also problem with gout and he had strong medicine against this painful attack. He gave me some medicine for tonight and for following days. And I tell you this helped me a lot next days. Sasha, Sasha’s wife, Kate and other guy who is looks like a singer of Stones ate and talk….theme was off course world financial crises.…

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