November 28 2008 (Friday) Japan Kunitachi @ Chikyuya

1st Set: Damo Suzuki with Gou Fukuoka (Sax), Kouta Maruyama (Guitar), Manabu Shinkai (Guitar), Tatsuhiko Sugi (Drums) and Daisuke Tokikawa (Bass) 

2nd Set: Damo Suzuki with Hiroshi Hido (Bass), Katsuhiko Ishii (Guitar), Haru Miyazawa (Guitar) and Daiji Okai (Drums)

Shyu brought me to New-Chitose airport. He is a young quiet guy (maybe only with his uncle) in modish cloths. You cant imagine, this is a local airport..but, they have incredible amount of souvenir shops and restaurants for every tastes. I used to go to airport earlier, this time was also not out of my schedule. We found German restaurant (which is not German at all) after suffering shall we go there or shall we go here…..drink beer and fake German sausages. Chikyuya…

After sound check, Takazou and his wife Yu took me to fish restaurant just few steps from the venue. This year March we were here as well, quiet nice place, many different fishes in original size not sliced…… this time joined by a lady who sings chanson. Chikyuya performances are always crazy and familiar. Tiny space and audience standing tight to next person like canned anchovies. So, even in cold weather outside, stay on the stage and perform sweating and it never seems to be stop also air is getting less, I had to go out with wet T shirts outside after 1st set to cool myself at temperature of around 8 or less.

On the street everybody covered with winter clothes, I just sit on bench with wet T-shirts, passengers watch at me if Im alien or strange vegetable. Cal with his girlfriend and Yuko showed up and many other faces I know. Many people relaxing outside. Kunitachi is a quite interesting place, there are many artists and freaks living in this city and has kind of own culture. Owner lady Elle san was former hippy and her husband plays in a band. Generally they have regular customers, a kind of nest, those people like to come and meet others.

It was amazing days in Japan as always. I decided to not come to Japan next year. Because I’m planning to travel all through Japan from August 15 2010 to November 7 2010. During this period if you’re in Japan, if you like you can travel with me some parts. Year 2010, I will be 60 years old. (Gosh!!! I don’t feel like that).

So, I like to travel all parts of Japan as I left Japan when I was teenager and I don’t know that much about Japan. I like to know about the place I was born and grow up while Im healthy. Leaving Japan. Love-san and film crew (Fujioka-san, Haruta-san Hirano-san) wanted to shoot some part of the film while I’m on the way to Narita airport, they hired two cars. One car comes front and near to another car, some changing shoots which was sometimes in skill.

This kind of things are quite normal for Love-san, as stuntman, also he was a professional motor racer. Normally everything goes smooth at airport. Air France overbooked and they don’t have seat for me, so they changed me to KLM via Amsterdam to Cologne, instead via Paris-Amsterdam to Cologne. For me this is even better, and they paid me penalty of 300 euro..:)’s not so bad. … . In Narita airport there is glass plate after security check, for last time you can see passenger and those who see off. Film is shooting, I see those film crews….

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