December 2 2008 (Tuesday) Ireland Dublin @ Crawdaddy

Damo Suzuki with Paul Condon (Bass), Fergus Cullen (Keyboards), Makoto Kawabata (Guitar), Barry Murphy (Percussion, Laptop) and Bryan O’Connell (Drums)

2 days break from Japan tour, actually this is not the worth time after 11 hours flight and some hours waiting for connecting flight at Amsterdam, then to Cologne back.

Amsterdam airport is one of my favorite airports. I had three hours time and spend a bit money and time at gourmet fish bar, shared bottles of champagne with one Canadian lady from Toronto, I met her by accident, who knows some of sound carriers I performed there and she has to wait for many hours..

Makoto Kawabata is one of an excellent guitarist from Japan, he is the guitarist, leader and founder of crazy-energy-explosion band Acid Mothers Temple. I performed last time in Italy with Makoto and he said he likes to collaborate with me one day if there is any chance, so I arranged some performances. Makoto is just finished AMT’s Europe Tour and fly from Italy. Our meeting point is Dublin airport. I wait Makoto for two hours, due to flight schedule. Bryan, the drummer showed up and we stayed at café for a while. (Bryan is the first guy who ever arranged my first Ireland concert a couple of years ago, he will join as a drummer tonight) Then Makoto showed up. We short went to Hotel and directly to the venue. I knew some of sound carriers I perform together tonight, Bryan, Barry….and Fergus with whom released CD “Damo Suzuki/Electronic Sensoria Band” which is very unique CD, every each cover is individual painted by hand.

At the sound check Peter, a grandson of my dearest friends Mary and Tom Murphy’s. I was not expecting we meet in so short months since we met last time. Anthony and David, Dublin based artists wanted to make visual documentation, so they showed up to prepare. Later met twin brothers of Electronic Sensoria Band for first time since three years. Also spoke with a couple came far from Highland Scotland by bus, ferry and train took almost a day to be here. I just wondered, we ( I and Makoto) have shows in Britain too…but, they came here…old Celtic connection?

First show with Damo/Makoto tour begun with Makoto play ambient, Dublin sound carriers were in dressing room.. they didn’t recognize Makoto is already on the stage and performing, so I joined him a little later, then joined by them. Strange thing was, the guy arranged the show didn’t appear, also I didn’t see Peter after the show.(He mailed me later that he wasn’t feel good that evening, but he liked the show)

Limited CD of the show available:

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