December 3 2008 (Wednesday) UK Poole @ Mr.Kyps

Damo Suzuki with Makoto Kawabata (Guitar) and local sound carriers (I didn’t have information, if someone knows, please inform me)

Cheap flight is not that cheap, even would be more expensive than established liner flight. Clearly answer we’ve got this day. They ask much money for overweight. They accept (at this stage) until 14 Kg, overweight they ask you extra charge like if they’re thief. I had to pay 15 euro for maybe only one Kg over weight. Poor guitarist with guitar, effects, etc… Makoto had to pay 115euro (!!!) extra charge. They charge you things they can make money. (even now a day they charge using toilet…now, you know which airline I’m talking about) They are a pioneer on this field, and it’s good, people found to travel cheap….it was just beginning, now they are dressed in wolf’s costume, searching for victims. OK..our pocket is getting light..

Around an hour flight reached to London Gatwick airport. Then picked up by two sound carriers, drive through dark clouds directly to the venue in Poole. The venue has posters for future concert on wall, There are posters tight together hanging on the wall from famous or popular artists and bands for a first brick. One or two spell different….all posters of tribute bands. Between all those posters you find “Damo Suzuki’s Network featuring Makoto Kawabata” very shy placed on the wall. Maybe this one is also not original…one might think. The venue is just renovated a couple days before and huge backstage room is witness of it. Sound carriers sit on sofa, drink tea, beer whatsoever, people here seems to be very comfortable. Review at

Visual :

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