November 24 2007 Saturday Modena, Italy Vibra Club

Damo Suzuki with Paolo Campani (Sax), Sonic Boom (Electronics, Synths, Guitar) and Julie’s Haircut: Nicola Caleffi (Guitar, Percussion, Synths), Luca Giovanardi (Guitar, Electronics, Tapes), Roberto Morselli (Drums), Andrea Rovacchi (Piano, Organ, Synths), Andrea Scarfone (Bass, Guitar) and Fabio Vecchi (Guitar, Piano, Organ)

Andrea, Luca and I drive to Modena through wonderful Landscapes. Traveling in Italy is fun, this land is quite new republic around 150 years old. Local to local very ordinal things are staying still. So, every location has their specialties to eat, cities, mentality of citizen. Even small village they have old building with atmosphere.

On the way our hungriness get us to eat something. We dropped us somewhere in Tuscany (One of my favorite place in Italy), I forget the name of the village. Casstelo..something.. On the hill build up village, almost nobody on the street, Heard lonely barking naughty dog, rest is silence and calm wind… Sure I ordered pasta and fish (even here is not fisher village, I had hungry for fish, so I cannot help). What good in Italy is average restaurant like this you can enjoy food and wine and payable also good quality. Conversation about food during eating is usual and makes me fan. Italy has most organic farms in Europe. (I heard two times more than Germany)..and they have Agra-turism at quite a lots of place. To get good quality is to get contact with nature. We had many healthy foods before… when we lived together with nature and we had harmony with them. I tell you all those good restaurant with experienced chefs use good materials…that mean organic meat, organic veges… You can see in people today, hundreds of years before all rich people ware fat, now look rich people are shaped by fitness training and healthy food..they can they are good shaped. The other hand poor people are getting fast food and bad energy food. Why I am telling this to you….because, I like Italian food…because, it’s healthy if you eat Italian food here. No. I’m not interesting to eat Italian food somewhere else.

Sonic Boom is a friend of Julie’s Haircut, they made vinyl together and some concerts together. We pick up him from their (He was traveling with his wife) hotel. Today’s formation is I, Julie’s and Boom. Saturday night….. It’s Saturday night, party time after their show…

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